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Change to internet only program

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Change to internet only program

Hello, I currently have a plan like below. 

Digital Economy 100+ Channels

Performance Pro Internet Download speeds up to 150 Mbps


It recently became expensive and I tried lowering the price, but no Internet-only offers were available for my account online. Could you please let me know if any internet only plan is available? 


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Re: Change to internet only program

Dylan, you can check yourself by pressing the "Shop/Upgrade" tab top of this page.

Link to the page if you don't see it:


Be sure you are not in a contract or you could end up paying an ETF. Best way is to collect up your TV equipment and take it to your local Comcast office and do it there. Do obtain receipts for the equipment you return.



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Re: Change to internet only program

Thank you for the reply. I tried to change my plan through shop/upgrade page. However, there is only one option that I can choose on that page, $299.95/month for internet only. 

I'm currently paying $99.09/month for Internet and TV, and I want to lower the amount. Is there any other option that I can choose except the $299.95 one? 

As I'm working in abroad for now, I can't visit the local office.  I tried to have a chat on the website but it didn't work.(I put all the required information but it keeps saying 'write a proper account number'. The only problem is that there is no box to write an account number.) Making an international phone call may cost more than the monthly payment. Maybe I should keep the monthly plan until I get back.