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Change of service

In Jan. 2017, I was given Starz and some addition channels for one year for free. That year ended Jan 2018.  My basic cable, 3 boxes and HBO are paid for thru my association but I was paying 42.05 monthly for internet. Today I looked at my bill and it rose to 82.95 from 42.05.  I called and asked to cancel Starz and those addition channels (that now I am being charged for) but the representative stated my bill will remain 82.95. I don't understand.  If I was paying $42.05 and now it rose to 82.95 because they are now charging me for Starz and those extra channels and I request to cancel Starz and the extra channels, my bill should go back to 42.05 which is for internet only.  He was adamant if I cancelled Starz and those extra channels my bill would remain the same 79.99 + fees and taxes.  I DON’T UNDERSTAND!

I was given these free channels because my experience with Comcast Xfinity has been less than satisfactory. And the lack of satisfaction continues.

I need someone to contact me ASAP please!