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Cannot get Gigabit package added back to my service

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Cannot get Gigabit package added back to my service



I've gotten rather frustrated at this point over what should be a pretty simple process: changing my service levels. I did the entire process over chats so I would have transcripts, since I've had trouble in the past getting the facts worked out exactly. I'll be quoting these transcripts throughout.


Background (Jan-24)

I currently have a TV + Internet package at the Blast! Tier. Back on January-24, I entered a chat with a rep and requested that the TV service be removed and the 1 Gigabit Internet service be added. Specifically:

"Sure. I would like the Internet-only 1000 Mbps plan as listed on for $89.99"

This is the price quote I was given:

"I have the gigabit package available and the total cost will be $87.49, would that be fine?"

I asked if this was a 12 mo. promotional package,

"Its not a promotional package."

I agreed I wanted the service,

"Perfect, appreciate the decision. You don't need to call back for the package renewal."


Next, we went through the normal procedure of verifications and such to establish I was who I said I was. Finally,


"(name), before submitting your order, I want to spend a few minutes confirming with you that I've accurately captured the services you want. I'll ask you to review the order, and then if it's correct, please approve it."

This resulted in an email being sent to me, which had two items listed on it: the removal of Blast! and addition of Gig service. The price at the bottom did not match what I was quoted. All from me:

"Hmm. This doesn't come up to $87.49 on the page, and it doesn't say why"

"Estimated Monthly Bill $95.39/mo "

"Is it possible to send me the entire bill with all charges including the new gig speed?"


"The email that I have send has all the details including the new gigabit plan."

No, it did not. Also, there was a "confirm these changes" button and I am very wary of commiting to what amounts to a contract before seeing the WHOLE thing and having it match what I was promised. So,

"I'm sorry, it only is showing the proposed changes. It says "Blast!" is cancelled, and "Gigabit Internet" 30.00/mo. There is no more detail than that on the page"

To which I got:

"Once the order is processed you will receive the entire bill details within 6 hours on your email."


In other words, I'd have to commit to the bill, whatever it may be, before seeing it. I think everyone knows how hard it is to cancel service with the "retention department", so I wanted this done right the first time.


At this point, I was informed that they were just adding the gig to my current package and not removing anything, even though that's what I asked for in the first place. Then I got the dreaded "You can call on 1-800-934-6489 (XFINITY) anytime Monday through Saturday 7AM to 9PM ET for disconnection of TV services." Ugh. I finally capitulated and asked that the gig service be added onto my plan, and that I wanted a callback from a supervisor about getting the TV service removed. That was the end of that.


Current Situation

Yesterday, I had to reset my modem. I think this is the first time the modem has been reset since the speed upgrade, but I can't be sure of that. Anyway, imagine my suprise when my speed went down to Blast! tier throughput! I'm getting ~200Mbps instead of gig again. I checked my online account, and it says nothing about even having gig service, even though I've been using it since the end of January. Sooo, back to chat again.

First off, I'm told I never had gig.

Next, I can't even get gig at my address.

This is after I told the rep repeatedly that I had confirmed gig speeds up until reseting the modem. FINALLY the rep tells me yep, I can get gig at my address. No kidding.

Alright, lets get gig internet, no TV service. Nope, gotta call and cancel the TV service first. Ugh. I HAD gig, just put it back on. OK, but there's a 60 dollar charge and a technician must come out to install it. Oh and I need to buy a DOCSIS 3.1 modem. Like the one I have sitting here that was running gig an hour before the chat. Do you see the insanity yet?


"Thank you for your time and patience. I have checked that I am able to add the Gigabit Speed tier from my end. But it will cost you $30 per month + you need to buy upgraded DOCSIS 3.1  version modem that support Gigabit speed + there is $60 charges for the service installation."

Finally, I was fed up with this process and demanded a supervisor call me the next day (today). Rep really didn't want to do that and got defensive. Finally after repeatedly insisting that I get a supervisor callback to get this straightened out, he said he would and took my number... Then said he couldn't have a supervisor call me and I'd have to call the 1-800 number anyway.


At this point, I'm pretty sure he sent a reset ping to my modem since I lost my internet connection and the chat dropped. So now I'm here!


I would like to have the original deal honored. Gig internet at the price quoted to me originally, with no rider expenses for TV service I do not use. Heck, the coax comes in and goes straight to the modem - there aren't even any other outlets for a TV to get connected to. I can provide the chat transcripts on request, although I'm betting management can just look up the contact history and see them.

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Re: Cannot get Gigabit package added back to my service

I am requesting someone from Comcast get in touch with me about this issue.

Help me give you more money!


Re: Cannot get Gigabit package added back to my service

I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

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Re: Cannot get Gigabit package added back to my service

Thanks, nerdburg!

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Re: Cannot get Gigabit package added back to my service

Hi comlink. We apologize for any miscommunication you have encountered and any frustration caused. I can assist with reviewing your account and our Gigabit Internet offers available. To get started, please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can access your account. 

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