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Cancellation of Service - HELP!

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Cancellation of Service - HELP!


I have called Comcast Reps on 6/15/2018 to discontinue the Internet+Phone service (TV equipement+Modem  returned on 6/26 ).  As a matter of facts Comcast Reps can see from their System that the connection was already disconnected (he said that over the phone to us ).  and  he said it's "ok", he will take care of it.


However Comcast still sending to us a 'Bill' being charge for the whole month (Bill dated 6/26/18 for the period of 7/02-08/01). and we immediately call comcast again on 7/9/2018 and  inform Comcast Reps why we are being charged for the service we never use.   and the Comcast Reps was saying they will email to us about " a cancellation order form" via Email (I didn't know this before)  for us to sign the form and email back to Comcast (which is we did on 7/18 -CR91919320).   (This should have been prepared from the "First" Comcast Reps to follow up the case-Unfortunately it was delayed) . 

Today I received another bill again (Dated 7/26/18 for the period  of 8/02 -  9/01). 

What am I supposed to do to fully terminate this Service once and for all. I am very stress with this issue unsettle.  

Thank you for your assitance.




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Re: Cancellation of Service - HELP!

when you need one you can't find them. 

no one seems to care to solve the issue  - others who posted later date get priority from comcast. 

it's dissappointed.


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Re: Cancellation of Service - HELP!

All of what is being asked of you is out of the norm, but maybe that is because it wasn't disconnected when you originally asked. Normally, you could just go in to a service center (comcast/xfinity store), drop off the equipment, and that would be it.
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Re: Cancellation of Service - HELP!


Thank you for your respond.

today i chat with comcast cust.service to express my  concern on the unsolved issue and unfortunately the comcast agent reps unable to solve it via chatting ,  and been advised to call to comcast  "Solution Team" , so i did call again today.

The agent reps insist we still have to pay one extra month (base on the Termination of Service Signed via Email)  NOT  base on the equipment/modem returned date - bcos the service was still there (in their system) - it's not completely closing your account by returning the equipment.


Unfortunately the fIrst agent we talked on 6/15 - didn't mention  any about the Letter of " Termination of Service " that guy only saying will take care of it.  we thought it's completely terminate that day - but it didn't .  

untill we receive the 2nd bill again and called, and the next agent reps prepare the email so called "Letter of Termination of Service" .


Long story shorts - this is a loophole in the system - but never get anyone attention. therefore it's easy for the next customer to get into this loophole and being rip off to pay for the service that they thought had been terminated.  To all customer please be aware of this .


I still beleive there's a good SOUL employee  in comcast company who's truly willing to help their customer.   




Re: Cancellation of Service - HELP!

Hi @j_jon

Thank you for visiting the forums! Sorry to hear about your issues. 


I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

I am not a Comcast Employee.
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Re: Cancellation of Service - HELP!

The agent was correct, you can return equipment and NOT cancel your service. I had assumed that you TOLD THEM WHY you were returning the equipment, or did you just drop it off in a drop box or UPS store? I should have explained that part, but assumed that one would have communicated why they were returning the equipment, if they were having the issues you state.

If you did not inform them that you wanted to cancel at the time you returned the equipment, then the extra month of charges would be valid, unfortunately. You would still have access to the service with owned equipment, as well as the hotspots and stream service, so the equipment being returned alone doesn't mean you had no access to your services.
Though, a corp rep may be able to assist you if that is the case anyway, just giving you the logic behind it.