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Cancel Cable and Keep internet

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Cancel Cable and Keep internet

Hello I wanted to talk with someone to find out how I can cancel our cable package but keep our internet service. We are out of the house to often and do not watch enough TV for us to keep it. Curious what kind of internet only deals there are.

Re: Cancel Cable and Keep internet

So 2 days & zero response - sounds about right.  With Comcast you have to use the shotgun approach.  DO online chat, post in the forum, go to a store & believe it or not Comcast has an official thread on Reddit just go to Reddit and do a search for /Comcast & post.   It will be like pulling teeth to get an internet only price.  And the deals change weekly.  Should be about $29 for year one and double the next yr.  Or you could just go with the current retail pricing of $59 a yr for around 60 mbs.  a couple of other thoughts  1 Call the 800# & ask for retention or listen for the "cancel option"  and it maybe cheaper to bundle tv & internet than internet alone they have pkgs down to just locals - 10 channels.  It shouldn't be this hard to work it.