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Can't access bill; accounts linked and/or inactive

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Can't access bill; accounts linked and/or inactive

I just signed up to get Comcast internet at my new apartment.  However, I can't access my bill no matter what I try; the option doesn't exist on the website.  The issue seems to be that my phone number is tied to two accounts, one that's inactive and one where it's a secondary user.


I currently have two comcast logins -- one that I've had for ages, created by my parents, and one that I created at my last apartment where I had comcast.  If I log into the former, I see a number of tabs across the top: "Overview Billing Services Users Devices Settings".  However, clicking on Billing tells me that, as a secondary user, I can't access restricted areas.


If I log into my own account, though, I only see two tabs: "Overview Users".  Under Users, it tells me that this account is no longer active.  However, if I select the Internet box under Services, it shows that I have two addresses attached to that account, my old one and the new one for my current home.  So that account clearly got tied to my new service somehow.


So, how do I see and pay my bill?  Can I reactivate my old account, or delete it and transfer the service to a new one?  I've tried calling Comcast multiple times, but they aren't letting anyone talk to a human; they force you to go around and around in their phone tree no matter how many times you try to talk to an agent.  I just want to give them money, darn it!