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Can Comcast resolve an issue?

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Can Comcast resolve an issue?

My internet simply just goes out, with no connectivity, and requires me to manually reset my router.  Every day.  Multiple times a day.  I'm currently working from home and it's actually impacting my work, which is disappointing and frustrating.


I have contacted Comcast quite a few times in the past few weeks regarding this issue.  I've done it through the automated phone system (which hung up on me twice after telling me to reset my router).  I've also used the convenient chat function, which got a technician to "adjust my speed settings" which "solved the issue."  I did receive a call back from Comcast once, where I  actually spoke to someone, who assured me that they fixed my issue.  They did not.  I've also been told they can't send technicians out, even though they maintain that they will send someone for those with service issues... which is me?  I'm not entirely confident that would fix the issue either, since I've had technicians here 3 times since I've moved here in 2015, each finding a problem with the previous technician's work (cords that were not serviceable, problems with outside connections, etc.).  I've also changed my router, which was the golden fix to all of this, back in 2018.  Not surprisingly, this did not fix the issue. 


Once I got fed up last week, I actually spoke to "customer service."  He offered me $30, so I asked to speak with a supervisor because he wasn't really getting the point, and then I got hung up on.


I even went to Linked-in to find someone that oversaw both operations and customer service in my region.  They didn't want to connect with me either.  Shame on me for trying.


I'm just glad they record all calls for quality assurance and training purposes.  This way there is documented evidence that they gave an unsatisfactory effort and have since refused to escalate and actually fix the issue.  Maybe they can train them on this new issue that clearly nobody at Comcast has seen before, because the issue is still not resolved.


They can train them that I exchange money for the services of Comcast.  By Comcast not providing that service, or failing to resolve issues with their infrastructure, creating an impairment to that service, they've violating their end of the deal. 


That probably won't happen, but maybe instead they could just help me resolve my issue.