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Cable Installation - Distance to house

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Cable Installation - Distance to house

I currently have internet to the house (100mps+).  My house sits back from the street around 300 feet.  When I first had cable (via TIme Warner) the cable ran accross the street to a pole that was about < 100 ft from the house.  At this pole was some device.  Subsequently during a repair they have ignored this pole and run the line entirely on the ground from the street.  According to the TV installers, I'm too far away from the street to get service with a quality signal.  I need to have the cable run to the pole (mid point to my house) and then to the house.  I'm assuming there is a booseter or other device) on the mid point pole.  I don't know how to communicate this request.  I want to use your service and dump DirectTV.  Advice?  Thanks.

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Re: Cable Installation - Distance to house


Hello dtc0419, I can schedule a tech to come out and perform a survey on your area to see what is needed to bring a cable to your home. Can you please send me a private message with your full name, street address, and phone number by clicking on my name (ComcastAmir) and then "private message me"?