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CS Agent Cancelled my Order out of Spite

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CS Agent Cancelled my Order out of Spite

Sorry this is long

I had a bad DVR box, opened a chat, they sent me a new one. Days later, I installed the working box, sent back the bad box. Great, should be end of story, problem fixed. I go to check my account to see if they got the bad box back and I see a charge for an extra box. Yep, Xfinity charged me for having the bad box for a few days.  Spoke to an agent, and had to go through this painful conversation that I don't have an extra box. It was a replacement and I sent the bad one back. But nope, instead of saying we will fix it or the charge was only pending, it was a whole drawn out conversation like she was saving Xfinity $11.50 from me the cheating customer. After over and over telling her I have the same number of boxes as I had before and she still wasnt convinced and I was frustrated beyond words.  I finally asked if I was talking to a Robot because it felt like that. Finally she woke up and said she put the credit in.

Phew. The most frustrating converstation over $11 ever in my life. A few weeks later, my Xfinity contract expires. I go and change my plan online. I have an issue with an install date because I don't need an install, just a change in the package, no hardware needed. I connect to an agent. And well she reads the previous notes about the $11 issue, ignores my issue and procceds to tell me about the previous issue. Nothing to do with what I need help with I say. Yet she is slow to understand my current issue because whatever the previous Agents notes must have said. She finally seems to understand my issue and says she will cancel the install date since I am just making a plan change and not a equipment change. Or so I think. Newp she cancelled the whole darn thing. 

Honestly I am not sure what to do now, except wait till after hours so I am assured NOT to speak to a US based agent.