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COMCAST claims customer owned modem is a rental.

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COMCAST claims customer owned modem is a rental.

I purchased a new Motorola SB6120 in 2009 from Amazon based on the ComCast site recommendation.  I have used this modem since then.  I upgraded service last year (2017) with no issues.  On Feb 10 this year, I received an alert notice that my account was changing.  I am now being charged for this modem.  Checking back, it looks like I had been charged for it since at least 2016 (though I hadn't noticed it as I also had a voice modem that was ComCast property.  The billing department opened a ticket (0 45 44 20 88) and I heard nothing back - so assumed it was resolved.  I'm now looking at my bill for March and the charge is added.  Just got off the phone with ComCast billing department again, this time a supervisor.  Apparently the first ticket was closed after review - with no notice to me, the customer.  They opened up a new ticket - with a window for resolution through March 22 - and with no guarantee that the ticket would not be closed again without talking to me.  From the supervisor, the response was that ComCast sees this as their modem and will continue to log it as theirs from now on.  The only possible remediation was to try and take the modem to the ComCast local site and discuss it with them, but that the result would probably be the same.  At this time, the only apparent solution is for me to buy a new modem and to turn the modem, which i purchased myself, over to ComCast to now use as their own (I assume to rent to someone new.)  Looking at the forum, mine does not appear to be a solitary case.  I've had minor issues with billing and service over the many years of service, but this is the first time I have ever not had a resolution.  So, anyone else finding themselves in a similar situation - you are not alone.  The kicker?  When I checke my devices on my account for the service call, the device still shows on my account as "Cust Owned."

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Re: COMCAST claims customer owned modem is a rental.

Hi myrduende, 


I can help address your billing concerns by reviewing your account and previous tickets and opening a new equipment research ticket to determine the original owner of this modem. Please keep in mind if the modem you purchased was bought from a former customer off of Amazon who did not return their rental modem, the modem does still belong to Comcast and you will be charged for renting the modem. 


In order assist you, please send me a private message verifying your first and last name, street address including city state and zip code, and the full account number or phone number associated with your services.


To send a private message click on my name "ComcastChe", then click private message me.

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Re: COMCAST claims customer owned modem is a rental.

myrduende - I spoke with our equipment team about your modem. They confirmed that this is a Customer Owned modem and have corrected this on your account. You will no longer be charged a rental fee for this device.