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Burying a cable line

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Burying a cable line


Due to poor signal quality, a tech dropped a new cable line to replace the old one underground. The first one was buried seven years ago using a big machine that had to go past my driveway to bury it. This time they scheduled someone to come back out and bury the cable line using a trench shovel and took a different route. I believe they did a terrible job. The box connected to the side of my house sits in the middle of my landscapping. The pedestal by the road sits between my property line and my neighbors. Instead of burying the cable under my landscapping they simply moved the mulch and laid it on top of it. Then to get under my stone wall landscapping, they moved one piece but did not even try to put it back properly. Then in the middle of my yard are multiple spots where the cable line is sitting above ground at dirt level and you can clearly see it. At the pedestal, the guy had to go under my neighbors landscapping. He did the same thing where he lifted up one piece and then just sat it right on the cable. He didn't even try to bury it. So on the outside of that piece is 6-8 inches of exposed cable and then in the landscapping is clearly exposed cable and he left the pedestal wide open because it can't be closed due to the cable line going above ground to get to it instead of below ground. Is this even remotely acceptable? I did call in and they said they are requesting a re-dig but now my yard has a trench through the middle of it and he cut all the slack out of the line so it will be hard to re-bury it. Oh and he took the flags in the yard so I bet someone will need to mark the lines again. What a hassle. The first time, they used a big machine and it went super smooth and they didn't even have to move my landscapping to get under it or my neighbors. Again, they used a big machine to do it. Why would Comcast send out someone with a trench shovel knowing they have to go under landscapping???


I took several pictures but I can't figure out how to upload them...

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Re: Burying a cable line

Hello @mpzurlino, thanks for reaching out to our Digital Care Team through our Forums page. We appreciate you being a customer with us! It's unsettling to hear about the troubles and complications you have experienced around getting this cable buried. This is definitely not the kind of experience we strive for our customers to receive. I would love to assist you with getting someone out to successfully bury the cable and take care of the pedestal box as well. I would also be more than happy to assist you with any other service needs or concerns. 


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