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Burying Coaxial Cable from Pole to House

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Burying Coaxial Cable from Pole to House

Hello!  We have an overhead coaxial cable running from our utility pole to our house but would like to run it underground as its kinda low (8ft) in the backyard along with the landline phone cable.  When I messaged with Xfinity customer service they said burying the cable could cause service issues for us or our neighbors.  Anyone understand why?


We are running a gas line and ethernet cable to our garage for an upstairs office and would like to place the utilities parallel to the existing power line (but not too close to prevent interference) and thought this would be a great chance to get these low cables underground.


Long story is the pole is next to the garage and I thought we could run a continuous coax from the pole, down the pole in conduit underground, up into the garage and have it continue through the garage so the wire isn't under the driveway, then back into conduit out of the garage and under the yard to the house to our modem and router, then run ethernet back to the garage...hopefully in the same conduit along with the phone lines.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.