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Bury cable line

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Bury cable line

I have called over 10 times spoke to customer service reps, supervisors who say they will call back and they don't, I have tried so many times to get this line burried with no luck had an appointement on 10/7 from 8am-8pm with a no show.  No call that they were not coming so updated appointement time/date.  I am on the phone again today, with the same nonsense, talk to customer serivice rep, they tell there supervisor, they call the burried line department and then I wait and waste my time for them to tell me that they will call me back and surprise no call back and I repeat the process the next day.  I am going to call my local government and file a complaint about Comcast.  It is obvios that Comcast promises you everything when you are looking to get services, but once you get the services it is all down hill from there on out.  I was told 10-14 days that the line would be burried that was back on 8/21, still waiting and cannot seem to get the line burried.  I could not work for a company like this that has it's customer services representatives & supervisors deceive there customers.  No customer should have to go through this aggravation, that is very poor customer service that stems from a very poorly ran organization.

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Re: Bury cable line

Hello @, thanks for reaching out to our Forums! It's upsetting to hear about your experience with us around trying to get this line buried. We definitely do not mean to deceive you in any way and absolutely want to get this line buried as soon as possible. I would love to assist you with getting someone out to do so. Can you please send a private message including the full name as it appears on the account and your full name if different?


To send a Private Message, please click “Comcast_Support” and click “send a message". 


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