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Bury a Comcast Line. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

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Bury a Comcast Line. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

I need desparate help to find a solution to burying my Comcast cable.  I am currently undergoing a new construction project at my existing home.  I have relocated the electrical lines and need a relocate and bury of my Comcast line.   Between my wife, contractor and myself we have called 6 times since January and I have had 2 additional online chats with Comcast support.  ALL TO NO AVAIL!!!  I have logged 4 work order and can't even get a Comcast person to call back to schedule a service and understand what needs to be done.   All customer service reps promise to help and understand the urgency but NEVER a follow-up.  


Xcel Energy buried my electrical lines without issue but won't bury the Comcast lines for this reason:  "Comcast DOES NOT pay their bills!"


PLEASE HELP!!!  Who do I contact?  How do I make this happen?