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Bundle Deals for Long-time Current Customer

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Bundle Deals for Long-time Current Customer



I have been a comcast customer for many years and I was shocked to see my bill go up $20.00 this month. I see new promotions for more service options than I have offered to new customers for a lot less than what I'm paying. I don't want to go through the hassle of leaving Comcast, but I might have to consider doing so. Is there anything that can be done for me?




Re: Bundle Deals for Long-time Current Customer

No they don't care about you. I speak from experience. I've been a customer since 2003 and have never gotten any so called "deal" unless its a temporary upsell by the comcast agent to change to triple play where the cost will skyrocket when the special "deal" expires.

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Re: Bundle Deals for Long-time Current Customer

I try to call before promotions expire. I've been able to keep my bill from jumping excessive amounts. My last bill was $35 higher, but I called and they found a new package deal they could apply to my account. My new bill was only $10 more, which I can live with. 

I did recommend that they offer gift cards or bill credits to customers who stay for more than 3 years.  It won't happen - I'm not that naive, but if enough people suggest it, it could move up the line. 

Comcast/Xfinity needs to realize that customer loyalty is a premium and when they make mistakes, it reflects in how they are perceived. 

It stinks that is feels like a lot of the time they just don't care.  <Edited>



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Re: Bundle Deals for Long-time Current Customer

So if I am honest, I have had some lousy customer service experiences. If you want my best method for getting a deal as an existing customer, you follow these directions.

  1. Go to and find the package you want. Make sure you note the exact name or get a screenshot of your desired package, that will be important later. Note: Make sure you are logged in with your Comcast information to get only the deals in your area. 
  2. Go to Comcast's Facebook page or use @ComcastCares on Twitter and tell them you want to change your current package
  3. Once they confirm your account via DM (usually they respond in less than 30 minutes), tell them the exact package you want or share with them the screenshot. 
  4. They will send you a text to confirm the change and in the text, you must approve that change.
  5. Voila you are done. 


This has always been super quick and I have always gotten the deal I wanted with no fuss.