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Billing problem

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Billing problem

We called to get service they told us they couldnt locate my address they made up ticket # we waited 9 days i had to call back then the rep told us ok we can get service so april 5th we have a tech out he got us all hooked up i asked about seeing wrong lot # on paper work he said it was fine had tv and internet for a week then they called me telling us that we had wrong address and said they would fix it then we lost internet so i called was explaining the problem then they gave me another ticket # we waited and waited then i call back again at this time i have been on phone for over 3 hours wasted time then i get a bill showing balance transferred so i ask about it was told i moved i told them no you comcast had wrong address i didnt move finely get service and bill fixed i pay my bill then june they changed billing date and added the balance transferred back on so i call and try to explain the problem but with no help please help im not paying it
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Re: Billing problem

Hello Lewie2018. I can assist with reviewing your account balance the your service charges. Please reach out to me via private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can access your account.