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Billing error

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Billing error

I recently discovered that Comcast turned my account over to collection (Diversified Consultants) for a billing error on Comcasts part. I moved out of my residence on April 15 2017. I scheduled internet service to be terminated on that date. Comcast turned it off on March 27 for reasons unknown. I called to get it back on but apparently in doing so Comcast accounting eliminated the termination of sevice order and kept billing me for service. I paid the final last bill up to April 15 (never missed a payment or made late payment) and moved away. I never got an email, phone call or text about the account. I only found out about the issue when it showed up on my credit report as a bad mark. I discovered this in January 2018.


I contacted Comcast who told me it's too old, there is nothing they can do. What kind of policy is that?? How can I get this fixed and clean up my otherwise spotless credit history. Very frustrating dealing with Comcast in trying to resolve a 100% Comcast issue that now has impacted me negatively.


Any suggestions from anyone out there?


Thanks - Tim