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Billing and response from customer service

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Billing and response from customer service

I am not pleased with the response I received when calling customer service about th $20+ increase in my bill. Also,tech service.

To be told my bill could not be lowered is absolutely absurd. If I can not afford to pay more,I have every right to ask for my bill to be lower.I have stations I would and will not ever view. I do not have all stations on second TV,and very often there is no Sound at all on the local station of second TV. It must be nice to automatically receive my payment,but not deliver service or inform clients of increase.

I am certainly looking for alternatives to Comcast.I had Dish for some years,no problem.My reasons for switching was I needed internet.

You are the Only service provider in my area. Verizon Fios is not available yet,but they have me on the list.