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Billed without service

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Billed without service


I ordered Comcast internet and when I got the equipment I couldn't set up a single thing. The coax cords in my apartment are all inactive. I didnt want to schedule and installation, and not to mention they're overloaded because of COVID so I just called and cancelled the service.

That was two days after receiving the equipment. The lady on the phone told me j would receive my FULL REFUND of the credits I had on my account from signing up. I had the whole customer satisfaction guarantee thing.

But then today (two days since cancelling) I was charged for a full months bill and now only have $16 worth of my $50 credit left.

I literally was never able to activate the service. I never once used it. It was a two days between receiving the equipment and cancelling the service. AND I was told I get the full refund of my initial deposit but now I'm being charged a full month for a service I never even used.

I've been trying to call and chat but it's impossible to get through right now. Please help me.