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Bill went from $139 to $186 in ONE MONTH? Are you kidding me? (Help finding a "deal")

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Bill went from $139 to $186 in ONE MONTH? Are you kidding me? (Help finding a "deal")

I've tried the local Xfinity store and been told they can't help a current customer. I've even tried the sales reps working at Walmart and their hands are tied now too as I guess corporate would rather force people to call in to get a new "deal".


So my question is....any deals for a current customer that puts us back down into the $120 range (AFTER fees, fees and more fees) with the following channels still in our lineup (WGN, SyFy, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim)?


We own our own modem and currently have Xfinity wireless service.

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Any chance we could get a retention offer (bill due date coming up, thinking of cancelling)?

Our bill went from $139 last month to $186 this month, a FORTY plus dollar increase. That is absurd. We've been off promotion for a year or two now and the pricing has remained fairly stable until now.


I know part of it is the increase in the "Broadcast TV fee" and "regional sports fee".


I've tried going to the local Xfinity store and they have told me their hands are tied on offering anything in the way of a deal and even the sales reps at the local Walmart store have been told they cannot offer existing customers a new package at a lower cost.


So I'm left with either contacting the 'retention' line or coming here, which I've done one time previously to get locked into a new two year deal. 


I posted a thread on the customer service board back on February 29th and that has not even received a single reply from either other users or an official Comcast employee. Albeit I probably could have worded it a bit nicer but I'm beyond fed up with having to jump through hoops just to get pricing back down into a semi reasonable range.


I had hoped by now to have a new deal in place and be paying hopefully less than we were before and you would think a company would want to work with customers to keep them. But I guess not. 


Hopefully this thread receives a response from an official employee and we can go from there as we do like the content we have now but the pricing is definitely not good, especially for my family (who are on a fixed income) members who are paying the bill and use the service most.

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Re: Any chance we could get a retention offer (bill due date coming up, thinking of cancelling)?

I guess I have to call the retention department since I got no reply here.

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Retention offer for long time customer? Third time's the charm....maybe?

I've kinda asked this a few times already. But here goes.....again.


We've been customers of one iteration of this company or another for quite a long time. Admittedly back in the late 80's it was still our 'local' cable company, which got devoured by the predecessor to Comcast around here (Adelphia). 


Anyway we've been customers of Comcast for however long it's been that they're (unfortunately) the only cable game in town in this area. However our bill recently went up from $140 to nearly $190 for I think 200 or so channels (we watch FIVE at most and NO sports) and 'up to' 200 Mbps internet. 


We were on a deal for a couple years, set up by the folks who do sales in Walmart. But apparently corporate has stopped allowing them to offer new customer deals to established ones now and the local Xfinity store is the same deal. We were given a number to call by one of the WM folks to call 'retention' but haven't had the time to do so with everything we have going on.


I've tried a couple times before to see if there's anything we could be offered here as the ONLY option the local store could give us was a triple play that added in even MORE of a cost including a telephony modem rental fee that took us OVER $200 a month.


Any help that would take us down to at least where we were before on pricing would be preferable as $190 almost is a tad intolerable.

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Re: Bill went from $139 to $186

Hello, CheapestGamer!

We truly value and appreciate our long-term customers and I'm so glad we've been able to serve you for so many years. I would love to take a look over our available promotions with you to see if we can find something that is more reasonably priced and still fits your needs.  Please send me a private message with your first and last name, as well as your service address so I can assist. 


 To send a private message, click my name "ComcastTambrey", then click "send a message".

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