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Beginning 3rd day of outage and no communication from Comcast

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Beginning 3rd day of outage and no communication from Comcast


My service is now entering its third day of a service outage. We have had heavy snow and I fully understand that outages happen in severe weather, and while those outages are frustrating they are not under your control and your customers understand that.

What we do not understand is why the only communication is 'resolved as soon as possible'. A generic answer that may work fine if service is down for a few hours, but not a few days. Tell us that we are not forgotten, that you have at least started work, that you value our patience and patronage, and what you are doing to resolve the situation.

You as a company promote the X1 difference and ComcastCares. Well just like most major media providers you do not seem to offer a difference when it comes to our service and apparently do not care about keeping your customers informed.

If you can send me a worthless newsletter every week certainly you can stay in communication with those of your customers caught in wide spread, long lasting outages.

Be open. Be earnest. That would show the difference and that Comcast cares.

I would very much like to know when I should expect return of service, what is actively being done to resolve the issue, and what is being changed so the next time snow flies I am not left without phone and internet for days.

Thank you.