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Bad Experience with 1gb upgrade

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Bad Experience with 1gb upgrade

I recently had an experience with Comcast that left a bad taste in my mouth. On Saturday 8/4 I called into comcast to cancel my service as I have had all sorts of issues with wireless connections dropping. I was experiencing this on multiple devices with multiple types of performance AC adapters. Upon calling I noticed we finally have 1gb speeds available which was very exciting as I had been waiting for a while for the option. Instead of canceling I could be upgraded with the new gateway(XB6) and new services. I picked up my hardware within the hour. The agent told me all install fees would be waved, and that I could perform a self-install. Upon the self-install completion I was noticing my speeds were the same as they were before 150-250mb down sometimes peaking past 300mbps. This was wired and wireless, all on high performance computers that would be more than capable of handling the new speeds(NIC’s/adapters/Chipset).


I opened my first ticket with an agent that same day who informed me there was a service outage and that was affecting my speeds. They informed me they would text me when the outage was lifted. This outage mind you wasn’t even covering my neighborhood, but I figured they knew what they were talking about.


I opened my second ticket with a chat agent roughly 4-6 hours later when I saw on the service map the outage was lifted (no text). We went through all the troubleshooting steps again, soft reset, hard reset. After spending more than an hour he told me there was nothing more he could do then to have level 2 support call me the next day, he asked my time preference I told him 9am.


The next day rolls around and I waiting till around 3pm and called in after not getting the call. The support agent informed me he saw three tickets opened on 8/4 but no active tickets were still in the system. We did all the same troubleshooting steps again, because you know why not waste more of my time. Nothing worked same speeds across multiple devices. He did some searching and said the problem was that it was supposed to be a PRO install…Ok that is fine, couldn’t tell me exactly what they would have done differently but I imagined it was something with the exterior infrastructure. He schedules a tech to come out two days later.


Tech comes out on time 8/7 no equipment on hand and said let’s look at gateway. He takes a look at bootfiles, does a couple resets, etc. He can get around 300mb down on his mobile, which I would get from time to time on specific devices in the house. He said this is still way outside of what I should be getting. Calls into tech support, first thing they say is it’s my equipment. First of all, I’m in IT specifically datacenter operations, and have built out multiple datacenters and currently maintain enterprise level infrastructure, so I know my way around HW and networking. I explained to him my device as a 1gbps NIC and also explained to him I have tried wired from my desktop that has a 10gb NIC(overkill yes i know). Both computers are just 1 generation behind the latest higher end i7’s…so that’s not an issue. The tech then said maybe it’s the cable (cat 5e) sure but no that does support up to 1gb speeds. I went ahead and grabbed a cat 6 cable, still the same 250-300mbs down. He then goes to check signal strengths and everything is within limits, he replaces the splitter coming into the house as the upload stream was a little out of range, but I was getting the full 40mbps up so that wasn’t really a concern. After nothing worked and he spent some time trying to contact his boss. All he could offer me was to downgrade my service back to what I had before which was 250mb down as that was all I was getting, and why would I pay 40 dollars more a month for the same speeds.


This was beyond ridiculous, but I understood he was probably outside of his league as far as giving me an actual answer as to why Comcast was selling a service their infrastructure could not support. Also why are you sending techs to troubleshoot this if they do not have an actual device that can get the 1gbps down to properly troubleshoot if the issue is truly the customers devices.


I ended up calling and downgrading, nobody could tell me anything other than “sorry the 1gb speed didn’t work” That is totally unacceptable, does that mean you are selling this package to people and not actually able to support it? If that is the case what if it is some poor soul who doesn’t even know any better than to check his speeds and realize he is getting ripped off. I would like an actual explanation as to why you offer a service you cannot support?