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I recently had my roof replaced, and the roofing company ripped one of the Comcast wires out. I did a text chat, requesting that they come reattach the cable. The agent told me the technician would be there that day. I did the survey and gave a glowing review. No technician showed.

I called Comcast the next day, and asked why the technician didn't come. They told me that there was some kind of outage and that the technician would be there after the outage was resolved after 12:45. No technician showed up.

I called again the next day, a little irate. The agent told me that usually the calls are resolved in 1-3 business days... and that no one should have told me a specific time that a technician would be there. He said a technician would be there by the end of the day. AGAIN, NO TECHNICIAN.

I gave it an extra day, but no tech on the fourth day.

By the fifth day, you can imagine how upset I am. I called them, and they said a technician would be there by 1:15pm. Well, 2:15pm rolls around, and still no technician. I waited until 3:30 before calling to DEMAND a technician. I could barely understand the agent... and he told me that he would schedule a technician for TOMORROW.

I should not have to call and BEG Comcast to fix my service... a service that I pay an insane amount of money for. FIVE DAYS NOW! FIVE DAYS! This is unacceptable, Comcast.