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Automatic $60 service fee billed to customers

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Automatic $60 service fee billed to customers

I have been without Comcast phone service and no HD on one of my TVs since December 29, 2017. I have called and gone to the Naples, FL Comcast office numerous times. Comcast sent numerous signals to my modem with no success and I exchanged my old modem and TV boxes but still had no phone service or HD service on one TV. Comcast sent out a tech to solve the problem but he didn't connect my phone and I still did not have HD service. After the tech visit I discovered I had been billed $60 for the service call. 


I went to the Comcast office to ask why I was billed $60 for a service call. He said that Comcast is billing all customers $60 for service calls. I was outraged that I was expected to pay for Comcast's problems in order to get the service I am paying for.The rep said he would send a text to billing asking to have the $60 charge removed.


On February 6, 2018 I spoke with another rep at the Comcast office about my phone and HD not working. She said the only thing she could do was schedule a another service call but I would be billed $60 for the service. I pointed out that I had already had a service call and the problem was not resolved. She said it is Comcast's policy to bill all customers for service calls. She said that I could come back to the office after the service call and she would request to have the charge removed.



The tech came today and discovered that the phone had not been activated at Comcast and the outside cable connector was rusted. These problems are clearly problems that Comcast is responsible for.


What a scam! Comcast does not have the right to "automatically" charge customers a fee to fix Comcast's equipment or to pay for provisioning my phone service that Comcast neglected to do. I have been without these services for 5 weeks and Comcast has billed two $60 service fees to me. The FCC and the Florida Attorney General are going to be notified of the unfair billing of customers for sevices Comcast is responsible for.


Re: Automatic $60 service fee billed to customers

Anyone that told you there was an automatic fee for a tech visit was incorrect and needs some retraining. Comcast is responsible for anything outside (the ground block is technically the demarcation point) and any equipment that you lease from them. The tech is the one that decides if the call is billable or not. 


I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

I am not an employee.

Re: Automatic $60 service fee billed to customers

Hi kerzwik1 -- nerdburg is correct about how we bill for service calls. It is not an automatic charge. Anything that is part of our infrastructure or equipment is on us and we do not charge for it. You are only billed if the issue is found to be with your inside wiring or personal equipment. From what you've described this issue was on our end and you should not have any charges billed to you. I can help get any charge you were billed for adjusted. Please send me a PM with your name, full service address, and either phone number or account number for authentication and I'll have those charges reviewed.


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