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Audio and video intermittently out of synchronization/negative option billing.

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Audio and video intermittently out of synchronization/negative option billing.

Audio and video intermittently out of synchronization for months.


 I called tech support and they remotely reset the set top box. I had previously reset the box using the troubleshooting link on the Comcast site. Didn't resolve the issue. They sent out a technician who started troubleshooting and replaced the set-top box.


Within a few days the issue began again and persists. I was then billed $70.00 for the service call. When calling to query on 3/20/2019 I was told that the charge was fair because they "had to roll the truck and the technician had to come inside and their are other options to replace the box". I stated their is no way a customer could troubleshoot and identify a failing box, and of course the  10 year old box is inside the house.


They refused to remove the unfair charge. Customer service agent identified as "David" id#1031200039478. I asked to speak to a supervisor. Second point of contact identified as Iona in Atlanta, she said they have a Derek, but no David, and to expect a call back from her in 2-24 hours.


She also stated that if it is a "Network" problem Comcast is not responsible. So if that's true why did they replace my box? Obviously, the "Network issue" isn't in my house.


No call back. The initial problem still exists implying that my original box was fine, and even if it had failed why should I be responsible for an internal failure of Comcast equipment and then billed to replace the wrongly identified) inoperative cable box?


Had the original phone technician told me it was a failing box, and an option is to exchange the box myself at no chargeI I would have done that. The technician sent to my home obviously replaced my old box as a guess, witout actually having any technical evidence. He did not test the old box, he just replaced it, wrongly hopeing that was the problem. 


So here are my issues:


1. The audio and video remain intermittently out of synchronization.

2. I am being billed for something I did not ask for or need. The tecnician should not have replaced the box. I didn't need or want a newer box. It wasn't the problem.

3.  Did the customer service contact lie about his name? Is the ID number he gave me 1031200039478 valid? Why would he not tell me he could have his supervisor call me back within 2-24 hours (which she said is the correct policy)?

4. Why didn't she call me back as she promised?

5. Whay did David/Derek offer me a "one time only, off the table $20.00 rebate?

6. Why did Iona offer me a $35.00 "one time only, then off the table rebate?

7. Why did the supervisor tell me they cannot identify or speak to the technician?

8. Obviously, I cannot trust to have another service call to my house.

9.The FCC states: “Cable providers are prohibited from charging subscribers for services or equipment they did not request,”  I did not request a new box. I requested my service be repaired.


Is there an email address to escalate my continued complaint?


Having already filed a complaint with the FCC,   is the following address still current for escalating a legal remedy:

1701 JFK Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2838


Thank you in advance,