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Assistance canceling/changing my plan

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Assistance canceling/changing my plan

I'm trying to contact Xfinity customer service over the phone but my call keeps dropping before I'm able to be connected to an agent. I'm not even able to reach the hold music before this happens.


I am going to be moving in a few weeks and was wondering if there was a way to cancel my year-long contract since I do not know exactly where I'm going to be living and will need to reassess my budget once I relocate. I was told a month or so ago by an Xfinity agent that due to the current circumstances that I would be able to cancel my contract before June 30 (today) without termination fees. I will likely be resuming my Xfinity service wherever I end up, but I was really hoping to just cancel and restart another contract once I get my feet on the ground as I may not have an address to live at for a month or so and would rather not be billed during this time.


Thank you, and I hope I'm able to talk to an actual, living human being soon.