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Area not serviceable?

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Area not serviceable?


We've just moved into a new construction. I've spoken with several Comcast representatives. One rep told me it wouldn't be serviceable for 60-90 days in May then another said the same in June. Another rep told me they could have me set up in July. I was told by another rep that they're not sure why I was ever told July. I never get the same answer when I call. I know others that live on our road have Xfinity service only a half mile down.  I'm not completely sure on how Comcast deals with new construction but there is a pole in the middle of our front yard that seems to be ready to go. I'm a little confused on why it would take 2-3 months to have this set up? 

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Re: Area not serviceable?

Hi rbrown10. I can assist with checking the status of, or submitting a serviceability ticket for you. Many times we cannot simply drop in a splitter on existing infrastructure without negatively impacting the performance of the existing infrastructure. We have a team who can survey the lines, poles, amps, Node, and Plant in your area to determine the best way (if even possible) to add your home to our service footprint. Please send me a private message and include your full name, home address, and best contact phone number so I can assist you.