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Apartment fire burned wires nees replaced

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Apartment fire burned wires nees replaced

On march 16 my apartment building caught fire only 2 or 3 units hurt but they had to cut power an teants was not allowed back in till power could be restored. On the 20th i was told i could go back home power to my unit has been restored. Well no internet modem only flashing 2 lights no signal do the basic trouble shooting no good. Call customer service explain what hapened spent 40 mins or more go back over the trouble shooting an them saying we can not get signal from your modem. They send tech out he check wires an says nothing he can do an contracted his supervisor an they notifed comcast construction to come relay new lines that were burnt in fire he couldn't tell lead time when this would be done. I once contacted customer support to let them an try found out time frame now they going send professional installation tech out on the 24th he comes i conact property manger maint comes up to show him acesss to rafters an junction box. Well needless to say he tells wires on my end good the wires from out side to inside need replaced nothing he can do once again his supervisor was contacted an comcast construction needs to come out. An he can not give lead time on when that would be. My issue if you look at my bill comcast has no problem charging me 100$ to 200$ go over my data which happens most months. Yet i have no service they can't tell me when i will have service back 2 days 2 months. I would really like to know so i not paying for services i can not use. How does this affect my contract will it be extended to match my outage? Would i be charged early termination fee if i canceled an switch providers even though i have no service an time till it restored unknown
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Re: Apartment fire burned wires nees replaced

Hi @Immortalmoon


Thanks for posting your questions to the Xfinity Forum. I'm sorry to hear about your apartment fire and hope no one was hurt. I'd also like to apologize for the experience you're having while trying to get more information about when the wires will be replaced. 


I understand your concerns regarding your monthly bill and not being able to use your services since the fire. We can help by making adjustments for the number of days you have not been able to use your services. To answer your questions. Your situation will not affect the terms of your agreement. It will still end at the end of your agreement as normal. If your contract has not yet expired, and you cancel your entire account, you will be billed $10 for each month of the contract you have not completed. 


I'd be happy to reach out to your local line techs and maintenance team to get an update. Can you send me a private message with your first and last name as it appears on your account? To send a private message, click on "ComcastChe" and then click "send a message." 



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