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Another Bait and Switch move by sinister Comcast Salesperson

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Another Bait and Switch move by sinister Comcast Salesperson

I am a longtime Comcast customer who on Wednesday Oct. 30, 2019 decided to answer a call from a number I didn't recognize. It was a Comcast Customer Service rep that said he could save me money if I upgraded my plan X1 Starter Double Play plan. (I am 8 months into a 2 year agreement). I challenged the rep to make sure I wouldn't lost any channels or to Internet speed.  He assured me I wouldn't and told me I had 30 days to go back to my original plan if I was not satisified.  He told me that he was adding voice to my plan and increasing my my channels by adding EPIX and how I could return my DTA's and stream on my smart TV's to save even more money.  This all sounded good to me and I said "OK" Upgrade me. 


I lost ESPN and CNN and CNBC to name a few of the over 40 channels I lost so I called customer service. Hours of resetting my boxes (tier 1 and tier 2 support) an onsite visit from a tech and I finally find out that I don't get those channel with my service. So I call customer service and ask for my prior paln to be reinstated.  "Sorry sir, we can't do that, the Double Play plan is not offered".  I ask how I can get my channels back and I'm told it would cost me $30 more per month.  So now Comcast wants me to pay $208/month for what I was paying $168/month for.  The rep tried to help and get me into a package for around $168/month bu my Internet speed would decrease to 25 MBPS from the 200Mbps I had. 


How is this not illegal?  How is this not "Bait and Switch"?  Is this really how Comcast wants to treat thier very long time customers.  I should not have answered that call.

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UPDATE Re: Another Bait and Switch move by sinister Comcast Salesperson

8 months ago, I signed a 2-year commitment to receive TV and Internet from Comcast.  The package was the $69.99 promotional X1 Starter Double Play bundle that included “Digital Starter, Streampix, TV Box and Blast! Internet that gave me 200Mbps download speeds.  I added on HBO for $15/month and HD for $9.95 (HD Technology Fee).  Also added an Anyroom DVR for $10.00/mo., Service to Additional TV with TV Box for $9.95/mo., 2 x DTA’s for $13.98/mo., and rented a modem for $13.00/mo.  My other charges included a Broadcast TV fee at $10/mo., and an $8.25 Regional Sports Fee.  My monthly bill for this service (no taxes) was $168.27.

On Wednesday October 30, 2019, I took a call from an Xfinity Customer Service rep.  After some initial “how’s your service” chit chat, the sales pitch began.  “Sir, you are not taking advantage of our new services and I want to UPGRADE you while also saving you money on you monthly bill”.  “You will get more Channels, Voice, and the ability to Stream TV on up to 10 devices. Your Internet speed will not change, and you’ll Keep HBO”, is what I was told and even validated by challenging the rep’s pitch. I asked what would be the cost and was told (and confirmed via email), $145.32/month. 

I remember saying to myself before authorizing the UPGRADE, this is too good to be true.  I again asked the rep, “are you sure I will receive the same service, channels, Internet Speed?  “Of course”, he said, “and I’ll back it up with a 30-day guarantee”.  “If there is anything you do not like about the UPGRADE, you can request we reinstate your plan”.  OK – Great!  I approve.

24 hours later, my family is telling me that ESPN, CNBC, CNN, NatGEO, Chicago Sports (to name a few of the 50+ lost channels) is not viewable. I check HBO and that is not coming either, then I do an Internet Speed test and it is a little over 25Mbps.

7 different customer service reps, an on-site tech visit, a call from the Retention department, and Survey Department consuming 10+ hours of my time later, and I have all my channels back, Internet Download Speed is back to 200Mpbs so yay me right?  NO! but HAIL Comcast because the only way to get me back to the service I had before the October 30, 2019 Sales call is at a monthly fee of $202/month!

“But I received a guarantee I could go back to my original plan”, “Sorry sir, that plan is no longer available”. “But I have over a year left on my original 2-year commitment”, “Sorry sir, once we cancel a plan we cannot revive it”. “But I can only pay you $168.27/month so can you put me in a comparable plan for this amount that gives me all the channels I had and the Internet Speed I had”?  “Sorry sir, we cannot – my (our) hands are tied”.  “Who can I talk to to help me with this problem”? “Well nobody sir”. 

Lesson to be learned, do not ever answer an unsolicited call from anyone at Comcast! You will be led to believe you are getting “more for less” and it is a FLAT OUT LIE!  I do not have many options where I live but I can assure you I will investigate those options.  I have been a Comcast customer for 20+ years and have never experienced anything like this.  I have recommended Comcast to all my Dish friends saying “they’re great, offer flexible plans to meet the needs of their customers all at a very fair price.

After this ordeal,  I will ever feel the same about Comcast again.