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An incompetent tech disabled my services

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An incompetent tech disabled my services

My (landlord) above neighbor, a new customer to xfinity was acquiring internet. As a result the technician installed their internet and in doing so he disconnected my cable and internet connection. He insisted he install a new wire on the telephone pole and warned me that my cable would be disrupted for a little while. The tech then left and both my landlord and I were left without services. With the current stay at home order in place due to the pandemic, we are both left without services. This is unacceptable.

I was on the phone with customer service for an hour and fifteen minutes. To which the solution is that I have no internet or cable until a tech can see me on the following day between 2pm and 4pm, due to the fact that the tech had “completed” his job no one was able to come out to me.

I feel since it was their error the tech should have been sent back to fix his error. Instead I’m now without any services during a pandemic....I’m not satisfied that the compensation I was offered was an insulting $10 credit. I would like to speak to a person and be given and explanation as to me how a service call I didn’t ask for disrupted my services. If it wasn’t for the current medical situation I would have already transitioned my services elsewhere.