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Account Incorrectly Deactivated

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Account Incorrectly Deactivated



I signed up for an internet plan late March for a place I recently purchased.  I was able to create and login to my account no problem and see that my plan was listed correctly on my account home page.


I haven't moved into the new place yet, so I was just recently able to get over there to install the new modem (bought on my own, not rented).  Upon trying to activate the modem, I found I was unable to activate it; that my phone was not registered correctly with my account, and that when logging into my account from a webpage, my plan is no longer there and I was unable to add a new plan.  Every time I tried, I get an error that says "Looks like you can't make changes to this plan -- Please contact the account owner to continue."  I am the account owner so I have no idea what to do.  Additionally, on the users page, it says "this account is no longer active, no users can be added."


I haven't had any luck getting this fixed over the phone as I can't reach an agent.  I never requested this account be deactivated nor was I ever informed about it being deactivated over email.  I just want to get my internet set up without having to make another new account.  Thanks in advanced for any help.