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Access easemet to provide new service to neighbor?

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Access easemet to provide new service to neighbor?

Comcast installed underground service to our home roughly around 2009. Our title does not show an easement to Comcast, nor a utility easement to the power company. An adjacent neighbor developing raw land wants to tap into our Comcast green box on our property to deliver service to them. They argue that the route is shorter and will save them money. But the former owners of our home paid to have underground service brought in about 1/4 mile, so running along line underground IS possible. The neighbor has a utility easement on the east side of their property but we border on the west side where they do not have such an easement.


So I'd like to contact someone at Comcast about the situation to clarify to me if Comcast can tap into our service box, or if the new neighbor must run a line via their utility easement. I cannot find any information on the web site who to talk to or how to contact csomeone. I'd like to send a letter with supporting documentation. Thanks.