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ATT/Comcast rotten pole

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ATT/Comcast rotten pole

Wood pole in front along the road.  It is ATT pole but Comcast is on it.  Rotted off at the ground and basically swinging from the wires, which are being held up by adjacent poles.  ATT doesn't seem to care.  Lots of wire on this pole and I don't want to wait until it comes down and takes out my service.  Please try to convince your pals at ATT this is something that actually needs fixing and give me a contact there to report detais,.


Re: ATT/Comcast rotten pole

If you believe it's a public safety issue, then report it to your local government, they can motivate the teleco to fix it. Comcast just leases the rights to the pole, they really don't do anything to maintain them.  

I am not a Comcast employee, just a moderator. Pls observe Wheaton's Law.