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$500 pre-paid Visa card

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$500 pre-paid Visa card

In October I switched my internet and phone to Xfinity.  I was supposed to get a $500 pre-paid Visa card in 12-18 weeks.  It's now been 21 weeks and after numerous calls to Comcast, I'm still waiting.  This morning I spoke with a profoundly rude SUPERVISOR at the rewards center named Tamica.  She informed me that the card would be processed in 4 days and it would be 21 working days before I got my card.  

I've been a great customer for many years and am deeply disappointed at Xfinity's response.  Tamica should not be a supervisor!

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Re: $500 pre-paid Visa card


Hi Joyceooo, I apologize for the poor experience that you had with us previously. I am glad that you were able to get your gift card issue straightened out, please let me know if you need anything further.