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$5 a month IPAD offer

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$5 a month IPAD offer

Hi there,

On March 17th, I ordered the IPAD for $5 a month.  I receieved an email confirmation of the order along with a copy of the service agreement.  My account online also has a copy of the same thing.  I have not heard anything since, I contacted customer service the first time and was told they see the order but no tracking availble yet and I should contact customer service again on Monday to check the status if I didn't hear anything.  I contacted customer service yesterday and was told they could not find any information period - there was nothing in the system at all about it.  So who do I talk to in regards to getting any information about the order I placed since I do have the conifrmation email(I just noticed there is no order number though - it just says "we are working on your order")?