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4 Months waiting for internet service install.

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4 Months waiting for internet service install.

I have been trying to get internet ran to my place for 4 months.  Comcast orginally came out and said the property had to many trees so it needs to be ran under ground to the house.  They said they were booked till October then a crew would  come out to run a line to the house.  Ground crew came and said it had a lot of trees.  I said "That is why they sent you all out to run the line underground" .  They packed up and said someone would contact us.  No word for 2 weeks.  Called numerous more times and no one had any answers.  Finally I just called for a fresh install since the first install was in Limbo with no follow up.  


Install guy comes and says you have to many trees and should be ran underground.  I said I know.  But Someone higher up tried to get them to run it over head and sent a basket guy to hook up service at the pole since first guy couldn't reach it with his ladder.  Basket guy could not figure out why the trench guys didn't just run the line right up the driveway since its just dirt and not a long run.  That was 7 weeks ago and still no word on what is going on after numerous calls to support on status of install.  If I could get broadband from anyone else at this point I would of ages ago.  

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Re: 4 Months waiting for internet service install.

Hello kamikazechaos. I can help get your service install issue escalated to our local tech ops team. Please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and contact phone number so I can begin.