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35 year loyalty gets you nothing with comcast

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35 year loyalty gets you nothing with comcast



I am really irritated. We've been with Comcast since 1985, with the exception of around 2 years of Uverse in between. We are happy customers and we spend an ungodly amount of money with them. We have 4 adults in the house and have a bunch of DVRs, either 6 or 7 total TVs on cable, every premium except for Cinemax, alot of the sports channels, phone service, and 500Mbs Internet. We have also never been late with a payment in all of this time. Not even once. We are good customers, or I thought we were.  

For the past several weeks I have been seeing this ad on tv about new customers being automatically upgraded to gigabit internet with a 2 year contract. I want that. I feel that the 35 years of loyalty combined with the fact that we pay ~$325/mo total for our services should count for something, but it never does with Comcast. Heck I guarantee you we spend more money on these services than anyone nearby. Not even close. 

Either last week or the week before I called customer service and they wouldn't/couldn't do anything. They said my only option was to drop a DVR to save $20/mo, then sign up for a plan that had HBO included versus having it a la cart like we have now. That would save $9/mo but we would lose the DVR that we want. Or I could keep that DVR and go to the plan that includes HBO (versus a la cart). That would increase the monthly bill by around $15/mo iirc. After the yearly increase of $9/mo for my services, no way. I'm not paying them $300 more per year for something they are giving away to new customers without any loyalty for free. 

I saw the ad again last night and decided to call the customer retention line today. The lady said "Thank you for being a customer since 1985. Your loyalty is very important to us." I asked her to give me that upgrade. She said no too. 

Now I'm angry. Being a Comcast customer in good standing for that long that spends that kind of money per month means absolutely nothing to them. Nothing. Im so irritated I'm going to price out Direct TV and fiber to the home. I don't want to spend that kind of money but it's the principle behind it. Now on to BR to make the same comment.