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$10,000+ to run a cable line

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$10,000+ to run a cable line

Hello, I live in the middle of silicon valley, everyone around me has Comcast and I can see the wires from my house.


Apparently 10+ years ago they quoted $2700 to run the line from the street to the house, so when I moved in I called them and asked for a new survey. They never came back to me but when I called again they said they had checked and it was now over $10K...


What I do not think they know is that there is a utility pole on the property around 50 feet from the house. 


What are the actual rules that Comcast needs to follow in determining if they should run a line for a reasonable price?


Re: $10,000+ to run a cable line

Hi aussieggg -- I can help you with that service quote. The rules we follow are how far you are from the nearest service plant, not utility poles. I can speak with our serviceability team to see if your quote of $10K is accurate for an extension. Can you send me your address in a PM please? 


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