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my bill is going up...need help keeping it same...can someone please help?

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my bill is going up...need help keeping it same...can someone please help?

My promo year is ending and found out that my billl will double after this...chatted with xfinity and the lady said she can't do anything about it...gave me a number for customer relations...

I have not been dissatisfied with the service but there should be a way to keep customers...I was kind of put off that the lady said the promo was meant to attract customers and it was not meant to be a permanent deal...I said I understood but there has to be a way to keep it in my budget as I am on a fixed income!!!


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Re: my bill is going up...need help keeping it same...can someone please help?

Yeah Comcast does nothing for their current remaining customers except stick it to us... There are a few tricks I just learned that can help you reduce your bill.. First check your the charges on your bill. 

 **Remote Rental fee: I was completely shocked and disgusted by this charge.  So I googled and I just bought an X1 Voice Remote online for $8.00.  It looks exactly like my Comcast Remote.   When I return the Comcast provided remote to the store that rental fee will come off.  Savings: $10 per month $120 per year


**ANY room DVR:  I only have one TV.  Why do I have this?  I will call and discuss having this technology removed. then that function will go away as well.  If they say I do; then I'll have to look into buying my own DVR box.  The range for a compatible DVR box is $50 and up and best buy has one that looks just like my comcast DVR box for $109.   Savings:  $10 per month; $120 per year.


**HD Technology Fee:  This is the fee Comcast charges for your set-top box DVR. In this subscriber’s case, it is Comcast’s widely-touted X1, cloud-based, app-running box.  I will buy my own DVR box that is compatible with Comcast and then this charge will go away as well.  Savings: $9.95 a month $119.40 a year. 


**Wireless Gateway:  If a Comcast you rent your modem from the company, this is where you’d see that $10 amount. If they use their own modem, there should be no charge here (though we’ve heard countless stories of Comcast customers being charged for phantom modems).  You can purchase a compatible modem from $39.99 on up.   Savings:  $10 per month; $120 per year.


You can save $39.95 per month or $479.40 per year.  Yes, you will need to make an initial investment via equipment purchase but that one time purchase is offset in year two versus $479.40 per year for as long as you have cable TV and internet.  I'll figure on the high end of equipment purchase as an estimate: 

Initial equipment purchase Cost: $150 -  Savings first year:  $329.40


You can also down grade your package but you have to really push the issue with the reps.  I will be downgrading my package to less channels from 220+ channels with 75 Mbps internet at $129.95 + (taxes and fees) a month to 140+ channels with 100 Mbps internet download to $64.99 +(taxes and fees)


 Here are a few sneaky ways Comcast is making you pay TWICE for one service are:

**Broadcast TV Fee:  $7.00 a month; $84 per year.   This might sound like some sort of mandatory fee put on your bill by a state or federal regulator, but in fact, it is just a way for Comcast to raise prices while pretending not to raise prices.  the charge is based on whatever TV or bundle price the consumer is paying.  Comcast began adding this fee — initially only $1.50 — to consumers’ bills late in 2013. Nominally, the fee is to recoup costs associated with networks’ carriage contracts. Except, of course, that’s what you’re paying for when you pay for cable TV anyway. So it’s a sneaky way to make that money.


**Regional Sports Fee:  $5.00 per month; $60 per year.  Again, this might sound like some sort of required regulatory charge, but this fee, just like the “Broadcast TV Fee,” is a way to raise rates while pretending not to raise rates. Comcast (NBCUniversal) owns and operates several regional sports networks in the areas it serves. Pro sports broadcast contracts cost money. This is their way of recouping that money — whether or not you’ve ever watched a single one of those channels in your life. If your channel package includes any sports channels (which all but the most minimal do), you pay this fee.


** Regulatory Recovery Fee This fee is usually under a dollar but still it's the principle.  And in spite of what the name implies, this fee is NOT required by any state or federal law.  This is a fee that Comcast voluntarily assesses on consumers to “help defray the costs of complying with state regulations,” such as TTY phone service or contributions to state universal service funds for low income and /or rural communities.  This is one of the ways in which Comcast passes the cost of complying with the law to consumers, without hurting the profit they take in through the “regular” parts of your bill.


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Re: my bill is going up...need help keeping it same...can someone please help?

Thank You!

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Re: my bill is going up...need help keeping it same...can someone please help?

I cut back on services I wasn’t using and returned all of my basic boxes and used digital antennas in their place.