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Worst Customer Support Ever - Internet

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Worst Customer Support Ever - Internet

Dear Comcast,


Recently I moved into a new condo and started to add a new Comcast internet service and account for Internet access for $29.99 while selecting the Self-Activation Process since I already have my own working modem and router. After selecting this plan I encounter the following nightmare.


1) They canceled my plan after one day without notifying me resulting in me not having any internet service when I moved into my new condo. Absolutely totally unprofessional and it took 3 different agents and over an hour of call time to recognize this issue. None of them could find out why the plan was canceled. I was eventually redirected to a department and office that was closed because one of the agents did want to take responsibility for the issue. They literally hung up on me.


2) I called the next morning livid already and asked why my plan was closed. They eventually were able to restart my plan yet they tried to charge me $45 a month instead of the $30 a month. I was told this would be adjusted, but the indignity of asking me to pay a higher price given the plan was canceled for no reason. Afterwards, when they finally activated the account, they decided to send me over to technical support so they could start my modem. The man on the phone set my modem up and said he would call me back in 10 minutes when the process was finished. I decided to wait. THREE HOURS LATER, I still had not received a call and decided to call myself since the internet was still not working.


3) After calling again, they realized that my internet service was not set to be started until the next day despite me explicitly stating I would like the internet service started immediately. Totally unacceptable mistake from the sales department given that I was working with a time-sensitive issue


4) My internet was still not working at this point and so I called again. This time the agent on technical support told me that my modem had already been registered as a duplicate and I would need to bring it into a Xfinity office to have the duplicate account removed. I bought this router brand new, so it was impossible for another Xfinity account to be on this modem. The nearest office was a 30 minute drive away from us when we don’t have car access on a regular basis.


4) I called again to see if the issue could be resolved over the phone and it turns out the agent tried to add the old modem again, only to see a duplicate from the prior agent adding the modem in the first place! Talk about the total ineptness from the technical support department. Finally the modem started to work yet it would not connect to my router


5) At this point, I was without internet after spending over 7 hours on phone calls. I realized that we had an xfinity hotspot access in our area and asked for two free daily passes so I could use my laptop and phone during this timeframe when they were resolving my issue. To my great surprise, they decided to not grant me these free passes despite over 7 hours on a phone, and a complete lack of solution on their end.


6) To this point, I have neither internet access to their hotspots and my router internet is still not working. The agent on the phone after calling again claimed it must be a router issue despite me using this router on an xfinity service for the prior two years and when the router was working a mere 4 hours ago on my friend’s modem.


TDLR: This company needs to take a long hard look at their customer service team. I've been on 5 calls for 8+ hours and I still have no internet.


Re: Worst Customer Support Ever - Internet

Hi @jadeyen24

Sorry to hear about the issues you're having. If you have an account set up, you should be able to access the hotspots - use your Comcast account username/password. 


As far as your router goes. Make sure you power cycle the modem every time you connect a new device to it. 


  1. Unplug the power from both your router and modem.
  2. Plug in your modem and wait for the lights to indicate that it is online.
  3. Plug in your router and wait for it to fully connect.
  4. Connect your computer to your router.


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Re: Worst Customer Support Ever - Internet

Hi jadeyen24 -- I can help with your Internet issue. Please send me a PM with your name, full service address, and either phone number or account number for authentication. I'll help get your Internet established and get you connected to the hotspots.


Click my name (ComcastZach) and click Private Message Me. 

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Re: Worst Customer Support Ever - Internet

I could not agree more that Comcast has the worst support ever.  I just moved to a new apartment and signed up online via chat for internet service this past Tuesday.  In the sign up process I questioned the self-install charge of $15 and a shipping charge of $15 or a $60 tech install fee.   The agent explained that there would only be one charge for $15 for shipping the self-install kit.  I asked if I could pick up the kit at a local store as I am in a large metropolitan area. She said no it had to be shipped.  I reluctantly agreed after she assured me (having my address!) that the lines were already connected and the self iinstall would be fine and no need for a tech.  Thursday I received my kit and proceeded to set connect it and begin the set up.  The lights all flashed and did their thing for more than 3 hours in two different outlets with an online support chat and a phone call to me from support.  Vincent informed me that the modem was not receiving the signal from Comcast and the only resolution would be for me to now schedule a tech to come out for which I would be charged $60.  I inquired as to the last time my address (specifically my apartment) had xfinity services.  I was told 10 June 2018. Today is 28 June.  I was told that the previous RESIDENT disconnected the lines and I would have to pay to have them reconnected.  I have several issues with that 1) RESIDENTS cannot disconnect the lines and most likely don’t even know where they are or which apartments they go to if they did know where to find them.   2) All community cable connection boxes are usually locked to specifically prevent non-employees from connecting/disconnecting services, and 3) the agent I signed up with specifically said the lines were connected.  I’ve had issue with Comcast before and had to email the CEO at corporate HQs directly to get any satisfaction.  I will be returning my equipment and canceling my services tomorrow.  If they can’t do the right thing on installation, I have no faith whatsoever that they will provide better service once I’m locked into a contract for a year.