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Why as a Customer do I ALWAYS Get the Short End of the Stick????

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Why as a Customer do I ALWAYS Get the Short End of the Stick????


I am apolgizing in advance for the length of this message but I have never felt so continually disregarded or inconsequential as a customer as I do with Comcast, so I want you to understand to the greatest extent possible what has brought me to the point of sending a message on a chat forum (which I absolutely never do)... I've been a customer for over 12 years (or more) and have ALWAYS subscribed to the most premium packages paying at, or even more than $200 (last 4 years definitly more). While customer service these days isn't great (so I've come to not expect much) Comcast ALWAYS manages to muck it up beyond my wildest dreams! There is so much disconnect and the local stores NEVER follow-up or even provide a valid contact number to prevent me from having to drive 30 minutes each way JUST to ask a question or simply to see why I've not heard back... Because, you know... It would of course be TOO much like right to have a phone number listed for the local branch that is actually IN SERVICE!


Around this same time last year, I was moving from one home to another - I was told I HAD to cancel my old account and start new services under a new account because I wanted to delay turning off services at the previous home until everything was fully functional at the new one (I was later advised no new account was needed). I was advised there was a package that included $200 gift card that I qualified for because I was getting a new account, so of course I was happy about that (I should have known better). I was advised to call back when I had my exact move in date to set things up. When I called back, the agent said that he couldn't find the offer (which I was advised would still be available during the time frame of my potential move dates). I was instructed to go into the local store to sign-up because they would be able to offer more options than what the agent could see. I did just that and asked the young lady at the counter specifically for the package with the gift card. She was able to find the offer (which I could still see online as well), but when she attempted to select it she advised the system wouldn't let her. She signed me up for a similar package (same price but without the giftcard) and advised that I call the 800 number back and ask that they apply the gift card to the offer. I agreed but said that I HAD to have the set-up done on the day offered because I work from home and HAD to be back up and running to go back to work after the move (the first available appointment was on the very last day of my time off).


As instructed, I called customer service to add the gift card and was first advised that I'd have to cancel the plan I'd just signed up for in the store and start all over with a new account in order to get the deal but my installation date couldn't be guaranteed. I advised that I could NOT lose the date I'd secured as I worked from home and needed service. After an hour of back and forth, holds, supervisor discussion, the agent advised that her supervisor approved adding the gift card to the existing account. I later learned that she did NOT do as she had told me, but that she'd actually cancelled the original order/account and created a totally new one. Problem is, when she did, she did NOT include all of the equipment that was included on the original order. 


I happened to have called a day or so later for whatever reason and was advised that only half of the equipment had been added AND it looked as if I had cancelled my original order that included all of those items.... Of course I was furious but the agent was nice enough (interestingly enough ALL of the agents were nice enough even though with every touch the situations with Comcast just get worse and worse), she offered to add the missing items, which she did. However, once she did, the system kicked out a date over A WEEK LATER than the original install date! Again, the original date was my absolute LAST day off work that I could afford! She tried everything and apologized but no luck fixing the date she said the new order added more time and there was no appointment available on that day with the amount of time needed. Fast forward several calls where I pleaded for help to get my installation on the original date were of no avail. I was finally advised to go BACK to the local office (again, another 30 minutes each way because... No active phone numbers provided for the site) to ask if they could reach out to the dispatch/schedulers directly for my area (since they were local and the agent was not and had no local contacts). When I got there I spoke to a supervisor who couldn't seem to care less, I explained my situation a couple times and then she finally agreed to send the contact an EMAIL... Not a call... An EMAIL. She said she would call me back the next morning as soon as she received a response (which was the day of the needed appointment). I called and called and made another trip just to get a reponse and of course... No one was able to help or even knew what I was talking about. The person who'd helped me the day prior was off. I'll fast forward to the end here.... Not only did I NOT get service restarted on the day needed - due to weather it was even later than the extended date. I lost time, gas, and MONEY that all resulted in little more than spinning my wheels.


Fast forward to this year - 2 days ago. My DVR box began to freeze and would not reboot fully. I called and several attempts were made but nothing worked. A ticket was created and I later call received from an escalated (Tier 2 I believe) IT tech. After much trouble-shooting over several hours... It finally worked. But only for a few hours over night and then back to the drawing board the next morning. I called back and did the whole multi-hour effort over again. It was concluded that the box was just going bad and would have to be replaced. An appointment was set for the next evening. I asked if I could take it to the local branch to get it swapped out, was told I could. I kept the appointment just in case but was able to get to the store so the appt was canceled. I swapped out my box and was given a box that was different than the one I had, but was told it was the same thing -- just smaller. It was NOT the same thing. I got home and of the 297 shows I had collected originally, only 65 --- (that's 6-5, of the original 2-9-7 recordings) were available. Rewinding a bit... While I was at the store I asked about the shows and the young man really didn't know but (you guessed it...) he told me to call the 800 number. I called my husband to see if he still was able to see and access the shows we'd saved since the box was completely removed from the house. He could, so I figurered that was a good sign but still called. I told the agent what steps were taken and that my husband had checked and the shows were still available and playing. She advised me to go online and log into my account. She told me to look for the shows to make sure they were all there - they were. She told me I was good and that once I plugged the new box in the shows would begin to load but it would take a while for them all to fill in (this is the same process I'm used to with previous boxes). I wasn't alarmed until the next day (today) when I awoke to realize there were still only SIXTY-FIVE shows available. Percentage had dropped from displaying 99% the night before (though the recording count was off, the percentage was correct based on shows we'd stored), to 2%.


I made another trip (you got it... 30 minutes each way) to see if the box was still there hoping that I could retrieve it and thusly retrieve the other 70% of my missing content. The young lady (again super sweet) said she'd checked and it had been sent to the warehouse.. No offer to do any additional actions, make a call, or heck even send an email. I was advised that the warehouse closed at 5pm (45 mins earlier). I asked if they could give me the number or call in the morning to see if they could stop the device from having its memory cleared... She consulted with another person who didn't seem to understand the state of urgency I was in for the content, which if not found would cost me $2.99 per episode for the large majority of the shows missing. You see, what I later learned was a cloud... Only held 60 hours and dumped everything else. But it didn't retain 60 continuous hours... It somehow figured would of the 14 episodes saved of this show, and the 7 saved of that show.. Exactly which ones were still available for free (and kept those) and which were required to be purchased... Those were long gone! I was later advised that there was a way that IT could retrieve them at least up to about 6 months or so maybe not all but that was fine with me.


After 2.5 more hours this evening and 7 representatives (6 phone 1 in person), the last gentleman I just got off of the phone with (about an hour ago) advised me that I should go BACK to the store to ask them to look again. But he also apologized and offered to show me how to give my feedback and maybe HOPEFULLY someone who might actually have a STINKING WORKING PHONE NUMBER and a manager's name who actually remembers what it was like to see a customer with a problem and spring into action to fix it might be listening. While it may not seem like a big deal to anyone else... My ONE escape is a day here and there where I can bundle up and binge watch the shows that I love and not think about work, problems or anything else. That was taken from me, my few moments of me time was taken from me. Not only that... To get it back, I'm being ransomed for 2.99 PER EPISODE to purchase content that I have ALREADY PAID FOR as a customer and saved via DVR recording (which is the WHOLE point of paying $19 MORE per month! If I wanted to leave it to chance of free on-demand viewing (which is getting fewer and farther between) I would simply get the normal boxes which are about $10 cheaper! And again... Of course everyone apologizes but nothing ANYONE can do. 


All I am asking for is what I paid for (already) and to NOT be forced to either pay for it again (but you know more, because it's PER EPISODE). Either drop the content onto my profile or someone work quickly in the morning with hopes that the content is still available on the old machine. I would like a box that is the same model as the one I returned as the new box I was given as it functions completely different from even the last 2 boxes I've had. It's not very compatible with my lifestyle knowing that a cloud can decide to delete my shows at random once it counts to 60! I hope this reaches someone, and I hope even more so that the someone it does reach actually cares enough to make this right. I would sooner cancel my service and NEVER get comcast again than get the short end of the stick... AGAIN (did I mention I NEVER received that $200 gift card)! I know that there is something that can be done to restore my content or make this right. As a customer we shouldn't always lose because the equipment that is provided (that we pay to use) can seem to function. I would think this is a problem with a simple solution... There should NEVER be a situation where content can't be transferred from one device to the next either directly or systemically and it should ALWAYS be protocol to ASK a customer if there is content to be transferred whenever a box is swapped out!


Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any help provided!

Official Employee

Re: Why as a Customer do I ALWAYS Get the Short End of the Stick????

Hello D0ntCare. We apologize for all the inconveniences and miscommunication. As you have found, when you swap a DVR to another one, only contents stored on the cloud are preserved. Unfortunately we are not able to credit you for the cost of any new On Demand rentals or purchases for you to watch what you have missed in your old DVR.  


If you would like, I can research if there was any confirmation received or processed by our promo/value adds department for the reward card. Please reach out to me via private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can assist you.