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Trying to get help from customer service

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Trying to get help from customer service

My Xfinity Customer Service Log – trying to get service!


  • May 7 - Requested Xfinity service installation
  • June 7 – Connection service visit
    1. Tech unable to connect
    2. Placed “hold” on order
    3. 2nd Tech requested to assist – Xfinity would call within 2 days to schedule
  • June 14 - Called Xfinity (no call to schedule follow-up Tech), would send Tech within 2 days
  • June 18 – Called Xfinity (2nd Tech had not visited my home)
    1. Xfinity informed us they needed to complete a service availability study (why not completed on May 7th?)
    2. Requires 72 hours
    3. Service installation Tech scheduled on June 20 after completing service availability study
  • June 20 – Service Tech determined Xfinity needed to run a buried cable from tap to home
    1. Expected to take 2 weeks
  • June 26 – Service Tech visited home and determined cable route and that buried Utilities needed to be marked before completing work.
  • June 27 – All Utilities marked
  • June 28 – Buried cable installed
    1. Called Xfinity to schedule installation
    2. Xfinity reported Tech installation already scheduled for June 30
  • June 30 – Xfinity Tech did not show up for appointment
    1. Called Xfinity
    2. Reported Appointment had been cancelled on June 21
    3. Said the earliest appointment could be scheduled was July 8


After finding out the home I purchased in Ham Lake, MN had its address changed by the city I contacted Xfinity after having their service in Chaska, MN for almost 2 years to find out if service was available at this residence.  I called May 7th and the woman I talked to on the phone was moderately helpful.  She informed me my new home was “cable ready” and all I needed was a tech to come out and turn it on. I was eventually able to have my service at my previous home canceled and an installation appointment at the new home scheduled June 7th between 8a and 10am. 

The morning of Thursday, June 7th came around and the tech did show up on time.  However, he was unable to connect the internet due to being unable to locate the tap box for my home.  The tech informed me he had called his supervisor and they were going to put a hold on my service order.  That would prompt me to get a call within 2 days to schedule another appointment for another tech to come out to my home and verify there was no cable tap on my property.  I told him that would be fine and asked for reassurance I would get a call to keep the ball rolling. 


I waited 6 days before I called Xfinity.  No one had ever called me back.  I called Xfinity on Thursday June 14th at 2:55pm and talked with a woman by the name of Bakira for 29 minutes.  I told her about the previous appt and explained the situation as well as I knew it at that point.  She informed me my call back had been “lost” in the system and that was why I never received a call back.  I asked her when I would be able to get another tech out to my house to verify there was no tap on my property.  She stated she was contacting Oliver who was the dispatch supervisor for my area.  She informed me Oliver was going to send a tech to my home that night or the next day.  I waited on the phone with her for approximately 10 minutes while she got a confirmation on the tech.  Before hanging up with me Bakira confirmed there would be a tech out to my house that night or next day.  I also confirmed that if they had to run a line to my house from a tap that it was included in the $39.99 installation fee and there would be no extra charges.   


The technician never showed up that day or the next.  Since it was the weekend I waited until Monday June 18th to call Xfinity again.  I called at 10:13AM.  I was connected with a rep named Morgan and talked with her for 19 minutes.  I gave Morgan a rundown of everything that happened up to that point.  She informed me that the first rep I spoke with on May 7th and the rep from June 14th had made an error.  When I had informed them of the address change on the house they should have put in for a service availability study.  I asked her what it was, and Morgan said it was to verify the address was serviceable.  I told her that according to the previous two reps that there had already been service at the home 6 years ago and I didn’t really understand why this needed to be done.  She said its just what they had to do when the address on a house changed.  At this point I asked to speak with a supervisor as I felt I would get better service from someone with more authority.  Morgan informed that she was a supervisor and she was going to take care of all this for me and that every time I called in I should ask to speak with her as she was putting notes on my account that would inform anyone else I would talk to when I called in that she was the only one to be handling my issue since she understood the whole situation.  I told her I didn’t really understand the point of the study and asked her how long it would take.  Morgan said it would take up to 72 hours.  I was very unhappy with that answer since I had already been waiting to get service at my home for almost 2 weeks by this point and a second technician still had not been to my home to verify the first technician’s findings.  I let Morgan know that I was unhappy with this turn of events and told her I found the customer service of Xfinity to be unacceptable by this point.  I told Morgan to go ahead with the study as I felt I had no other alternatives if I wanted to get my internet hooked up.  Morgan informed me she would call me back as soon as she heard from the service availability department.  I informed Morgan if I did not hear back from her before Thursday when the 72 hours would be up I would be looking for a new internet provider.  I also confirmed with Morgan that there would be no extra charges other than the $39.99 installation charge.  Morgan called me back later that day at 1:15pm and we talked for two minutes.  Morgan let me know she fast tracked the study request and had heard back already.  There was service available at my address and she had taken the liberty of contacting the dispatcher and having an appt scheduled for me on Wednesday June 20th between 11a and 1pm for a tech to verify the first tech’s assumption.


On Wednesday June 20th the tech showed up at approximately 12:30pm.  I did not catch his name.  He was able to determine that my tap was located across the street but there was no line going from there to my house although there was a spot on the tap for it.  He surmised that when the city paved the road in front of my house and changed the address 4 years ago that the city must have pulled the line out and never had it replaced.  I asked him what it would take to have a line put in from the tap to my house.  He said he would have to put in a work order to have a crew come out and bury the line.  I asked him what the eta would be on such a job and he said it would be plus or minus 2 weeks depending on how busy the crew was and how quickly the city approved the permits.  I informed the tech of my displeasure at having to wait an additional two weeks for this.  He commiserated with me and said all the line drop issues like this are horrible and there really is not a good system setup for it.  I told the technician I would like to be kept informed of where the work order was at in the process of having the line buried.  He told me he would put that in the notes but that once he submitted the work order it was out of his hands and it wouldn’t be up to him to keep my informed. 


6 days later, June 26th at 10:10am, I got a call from Mike.  He was the crew lead for the line burying team.  He informed me he was at my house and wanted to get a look at the layout of the yard and utilities before they came out to bury the line.  The electricity utility had been marked earlier that morning, but the gas utility line had not been yet.  Mike said they would not bury the line until all the utilities had been marked.  I was completely agreeable with that for safety reasons.  Mike told me to call him when I saw the marking for the gas line.  The next morning on June 27th at about 9AM the gas utility came and marked their line.  I called Mike and let him know the line had been marked.  I heard from Mike later that day.  He said his crew had laid the cable line from my house to the street and they had to wait until the next day to do the second half as that was when the city permits were valid.  I told him ok and thanked him for letting me know the progress of his work.  Mike called my June 28th at 11:23am and told me the job was completed and that he was going to submit his paperwork saying the job was done.  I would receive a call in the next 48 hours to schedule an appt for a tech to come out and turn on my service.  I asked Mike if it would be all right if I called them now to setup the appt as I didn’t want to wait an additional 48 hours and I was skeptical at this point of being called back.  He said that would be fine and the rep could call him if they had any questions.

At 11:28am I called in and talked to a woman for 12 minutes.  I was unable to catch her name.  I told her the line drop had just been completed and I needed to schedule an appt to have a technician out to start my service.  She informed me there was already an appt scheduled for Saturday 6/30 between 8am and 10am.  I asked her when and who made the appt as I had not made it.  She told me she did not have access to that information.  When she could not answer that question, I asked to speak with Morgan as I had discussed with Morgan previously.  The woman on the phone said there were no notes on my account that referred to a Morgan.  I was taken aback as Morgan had told me she did this. So, I verified the address, date, and time three times to ensure the woman had accurate information and each time she said the tech would be there Saturday June 30th between 8am and 10am.  I asked her to send me a confirmation email with the appt time.  She said they do not do that, but she gave me the job number which was #556298.  I asked her one last time to confirm the appt and she did. 

On June 30th at 11:10am I called into Xfinity asking where the technician was that was supposed to be at my house.  I talked with Patrick for 24 minutes.  After looking at my account history Patrick said I did have an appt scheduled for that day and time, but it had been cancelled on June 21st by the computer system as it had timed out.  I told them again I never made that appt, but he could not tell me who did or when.  He believed it might have been some sort of internal issue since my account had so many work orders on it.  I asked him why the woman on June 28th would have told me I had an appt when I didn’t.  He informed me he was not sure, and he saw no reason she should have since it was clearly marked as cancelled.  I told Patrick I was extremely unhappy with this turn of events and that this was not the first time that Xfinity had dropped the ball when it came to my service request.  I asked to speak with his supervisor.  He said his supervisor was unavailable, but he would put in a request to have the local dispatcher give me a call regarding this.  He did set me up with an appt for installation on July 8th between 4pm and 6pm.  Patrick said I would get a call from the dispatcher by 10am the next day.  I told Patrick I wanted a call back in an hour from the dispatcher to discuss this issue.  Patrick said he could not guarantee they would be able to do that, but he would call me to let me know if he had heard anything.  I thanked him for his time and told him I was looking forward to hearing from someone.  About an hour later Patrick called me and let me know he had heard from the dispatcher and someone would call me by 10 am the next day.  I said I was unhappy about that answer and again asked to speak with his supervisor.  She was again unavailable, but Patrick said he would have her call me as soon as she was able. 

His supervisor Barbara called me at 2:29pm later that day.  I asked her if Patrick had informed her of the situation and she said a little.  I went through a rundown of the latest development.  Barbara said she would get ahold of the dispatcher and send in an escalation to try to get an answer more quickly for me.  I thanked her and hung up.  At 2:42pm Barbara called me back and informed she had gotten through to dispatch and someone would be calling me within half an hour.  I again thanked Barbara and waited for the call.  I never got one. 


I waited until 10:05am the next day to again call into Xfinity.  I was routed a female representative.  I told her about the lack of call and immediately asked to speak with a supervisor.  She said she would transfer me and did.  I asked the man that answered if he was a supervisor and he said no.  I asked to speak to his supervisor.  The man asked me to tell him the issue first and I did.  He then made me verify all my information over almost 10 minutes and then again asked me what my issue was.  I told him that I had already told him my issue and I wanted to speak to his supervisor.  He put me on hold for several minutes.  His supervisor came on the phone and again asked what my issue was.  I again told them my issue and asked to speak with someone in dispatch.  He told me he was unable to get ahold of anyone in dispatch, that they did not have their direct number and all he could do was put in a request for them to call me.  I told him that didn’t seem to be what happened yesterday and that Barbara was able to get a hold of dispatch when she needed to.  He again said he was not able to do that.  I asked to speak to his boss and the supervisor said he did not have one.  I told him I found it hard to believe he did not have a boss to report to.  He then said yes, he did have a manager, but they do not take calls.  I again asked to be routed to the dispatch office.  The supervisor then informed that if I wanted to talk to someone from dispatch I had to go to my local Xfinity store as they had access to that information there.  I asked him why every time I have called in I have gotten different stories and different answers?  I asked if there was anyone I could talk to who could give me a correct answer.  The man just reiterated about going to my local Xfinity store and dealing with it there.   I then ended the call.


At this point this has been the entirety of trying to get internet service at my new home. Can someone please contact me in regards to this issue?  This has been going on for several weeks now. 





Re: Trying to get help from customer service

Thank you for visiting the forums! Sorry to hear about your issues. 


I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

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Re: Trying to get help from customer service

Hi cndysue83. We apologize for the experience you have endured trying to establish service. I can assist with reviewing your account and researching if we can get your installation date moved up. To get started, please send me a private message and include your full name and service address so I can assist you.

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