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Technician Visit / Self-Install Kit

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Technician Visit / Self-Install Kit



I have an issue on my bill where fees for both selections are being charged and I would like some assistance in getting this removed. The issue is as follows (it's a mild read):


When I first signed up for Comcast, I was given two options as to which installation method I prefered. There are two options, with the first being a scheduled Technician Visit for $39.95, and a Self-Install Kit for $9.95.


Measuring the two options, I feel that I have enough sense to manually install the cable box to get things started, so I signed up for the Self-Install Kit.


A couple of days went by and I received my kit from Comcast. I went ahead and set up the cable box, turned everything on, registered it at the website and everything was verified. The issue is that there was no internet due to a blinking light on my modem.


I went ahead and contacted support and reported the blinking light, and to make this part short, a technician visit was absolutely required, as there was something (switch?) outside of my apartment that needed to be turned on. Without this switch being turned on, I could not have internet and so a technician visit was mandatory and required.


By time I had received my second bill, it had a charge for a technician visit (along with the initial, Self-Install Kit).


The issue is that from the start, the sign up options were practically rigged, in my mind. I could either have the technician visit, pay the $39.95 and be on my way. The other option (which I chose) was to pay for the self-install kit, and then have the technician visit and be billed for both services.


The problem is that in practice, the option which I chose should not have even been offered to me if it could not grant me internet. From the start, the self-install kit would absolutely not work for me, and there would be no way around it.


Because I selected this option, I am now being billed for both the technician visit and the self-install kit. I am submitting this issue to have the technician visit removed  from my bill because the first selection I made should have granted me internet, as it advertised, for the price I agreed to pay.


Not to mention, that the technician did not show up until a week into my "service" and my bill was not prorated. I know that it is only 6-7 days of proration, but is there any reason to pay full price for services you did not receive?


Thanks for reading, let me know what to do.




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Re: Technician Visit / Self-Install Kit

I had a similar problem, and I think it is a scam that Comcast is running.  I did the self install kit.  For three days I couldn't connect.  They claim that they sent out a technician.  Finally I went to the box on the side of my house and opened up both sides of their service box (customer access and company access).  Big suprise, Comcast hadn't connected their side.  Meanwhile, they want to bill me for the first tech, and would have billed me for a second tech had I not fixed it.  I still feel like I should be paid $49.50 (the fee fo the technician) for doing their job. 


Note: You are not resposible for anything outside of your residence.  That is considered to be part of the Comcast backbone or network, and their responsibility.

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Re: Technician Visit / Self-Install Kit

The Help Forums are monitored primarily by fellow Users like yourself.  We do not have any account access and cannot help you.

Customer Service Reps and Billing Reps do NOT read posts made in the Help Forums at all.

IF a Comcast employee posts in the Forums, their Username is always in RED text. They do not normally read posts here either.


On Mondy, call 1-800 comcast and speak to someone in the Billing Department about your bill and what transpired.  IF they cannot resolve the issue, you can send an email to the We Can Help Team for further assistance.




Include all of the following in your email


full name


service address


phone number       


account number


link to this thread


full details of the problems


OR you can try:


ComcastDirect link on BBR 





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Re: Technician Visit / Self-Install Kit

Comcast is not omnipotent, so they cannot see the physical connections. They can only try to communicate with your equipment, and if they cannot, troubleshoot the connections with the customer, and if that fails, schedule a tech. So if, according to Comcast, the last customer that was in the house was a few months back, and they had working service, but between that customer and now, another person came out and disconnected the lines, then Comcast wouldn't know. Yes, most of the time Comcast does send a tech out to verify the tap is active when sending out self install kits, so by the time you get the kit, the tap is active, although whether or not that tech actually goes to the house to check the tap is another story. Sometimes it does seem like they are too lazy to get out of their trucks and just complete the order without doing anything so they get paid. Also if there's a 2nd line outside that needs connected, they may not connect that, as most of the time it's just the tap that they check, not anything else between the tap and the house.

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Re: Technician Visit / Self-Install Kit

I went ahead and sent the email to the proper people. I did call 1-800-Comcast previous to this message with no luck. To the first response, that's just awful. These typs of things need to be removed.

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Re: Technician Visit / Self-Install Kit

This message is a follow up of the situation.


I am happy to say that this charge appears to be reversed. I know this forum is likely flooded with issues but for those who are interested in a follow up, the issue has been resolved in a timely manner without any frustration on my behalf.


Thanks to Comcast for the support on this issue. An email to the above address seems to help resolve these issues in a professional manner. 


Thanks again!