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Shady sales tactics and poor customer service

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Shady sales tactics and poor customer service

I am reaching out to you mainly due to the fact that there was no one else for me to contact within your customer solutions team. I have had multiple conversations with them, and when it came down to making the tough decision I am essentially just passed to other reps repeatedly. It became clear that no one wanted to deal with the situation, because it reflects negatively on their “numbers”. I want to explain to you in detail what the experience was like for me trying to become a new Comcast customer. I know your time is valuable. Please do take a few minutes to read and consider what I have experienced.  


So here is a detailed story of my experience with your sales and customer service team while trying to become a new customer for Comcast:


March 6

I had just bought a new home. I was interested in switching to Comcast for internet service. So I first went onto your website to explore options. After looking I had a few questions, so I decided to just call your sales line. I spoke to a lady who told me my options, and also asked me if I needed security. I told her yes, but there is already a system in place. She mentioned that Xfinity could take over my current system, and I would likely not have to buy any new equipment. She said as long as the system was newer than 4 years Xfinity should be able to connect to it. This sounded great to me, as I could get internet and security with little hassle for the same price I was currently paying just for internet. I still needed to speak with my wife, and asked that she call me back in a few days. We set a day and time for her to call back. I never heard back from her...


March 12

I called back in myself, and had basically the same conversation with another one of your sales reps. There was a special going on at the time so installation was going to be free, and we set an install date. I again asked several questions as to the capability between Xfinity and my current system. They told me it should be compatible since it is not older than 4 years, but otherwise did not ask me any other questions. I advised her that this part was very important, because I would have to cancel the security setup if it was not compatible. She agreed and we moved forward.


March 16

Your installer called me to tell me he was on the way to my home. I left work to meet him there. He showed up about an hour later, and never really mentioned what took him so much longer. He was a very nice and friendly guy. As soon as he walked in the door I had to explain to him that I would only be getting the security if it was compatible with my current system. It was clear this was the first he had heard of this, and immediately told me it would not be possible. He was able to tell right away by just seeing that the sensors were wireless. So I cancelled the security setup and just told him to do the internet. This was clearly a hassle and took a while. He called the office and had them email me a new order form to accept. When reading it over I realized they were now trying to charge me for the installation. I quickly asked him to correct it, and he did. But again this took a while. Your installer made it very clear he was also frustrated with the promises that the sales people make that he is left to deal with when onsite with the customers. Why would the sales rep had not just asked me if the sensors were wireless? This would have saved so much headache. I moved on from the situation and accepted I would only get the blast internet from Comcast. This was fine with me. You still had me as a customer even if it was for internet only.


March 21

I received a phone call from a Comcast sales rep. he asked me several questions about how I use media, and my TV viewing preferences. After a few minutes he told me that for only $5 more per month he could get me the following services (I have screen shots of the order he sent me): The next higher internet speed 150 mbps, Instant TV with cloud DVR, Showtime, Stars, HBO, Cinemax, Sports and news, plus my modem all for $91.28 per month after taxes and fees. I was sold. This sounded great. He sent the order request form for me to accept, and I immediately recognized that he lowered my internet speed, rather than increasing it. He was trying to sign me up for performance internet only 25 mbps. When I pointed this out he said he would fix it. After several minutes he decided he could not give me this offer. He backtracked on over half of the things he promised and increased the price. I told him he could keep my internet at the blast speed, but he still could not make it work. At this point all I can think is “ YOU CALLED ME!” It was clear that his only goal of this call was to get a yes, not help the customer. He was willing to promise me anything if it would get me to say yes, and did not care if the service or pricing were correct. I asked to speak with his supervisor. After pushing back on me for several minutes he agreed. I He told me it would take a few minutes. He put me on hold and checked on me a few times to see if I was still there. Then nearly a half hour went by and he never returned to the phone. This rep called me, and all I wanted is what he promised me. I was fed up with your company making false promises to me.


I called back, and got another rep in his position. I asked to speak with his supervisor and he said they could not help me, and I should call customer service. So I did. That was my first call with your customer solutions team. This lady was very helpful and friendly. She tried her best to put together a package close to what I was promised, but did not even come close. Again remember, I have proof of what I was promised. I have the order form. She eventually told me I would need to speak with her supervisor, but she was not available. She said she would call me back that Friday.


March 23

I went all day waiting on this call. Later that evening around 8pm my time, I missed 4 calls in a minute from the supervisor. Literally within a minute. I have the screenshot for this as well. I was away from my phone for a single minute and she called during that single minute and never called back. I tried to call back, but of course could not reach a supervisor again. If she had waited one minute before calling again I would have answered.


March 28 3 pm

Since I never received another call, I called back again to the customer solutions team. I explained my situation and told the rep I already knew that a supervisor was required. He refused to put his supervisor on the call even though I could hear her in the background giving him instructions. He then said he would schedule for the supervisor to call me back at 5pm.


By the 530 I still had not received a call so I called again myself. I finally reached a supervisor this time, after having to be very aggressive. He seemed to try his best to help and was very courteous. Again this supervisor looked over the package and tried to make it match up. I advised him at this point, I was cancelling all services if they could not meet hat your sales rep promised. Again, yes I felt it was important for Comcast to meet their promises if they are to keep my business. He tried and tried but still could not make it happen. I said okay, please schedule my service to cancel on April 4th. I could not cancel immediately as I am unable to go without internet. He said no problem. All is done.


At 7:30pm I received a call from the first rep I spoke with at 3pm (the one whose supervisor never called me). He was calling to confirm cancellation and set it up. I told him this was done already. He insisted it was not done. I was very frustrated at this point and asked to speak with his supervisor. Again, it was clear that I was being pushed off. The supervisor that had promised me this cancel was schedule did not want the cancellation to be on his numbers, so he put in a ticket for this guy to do it. Which resulted in me having to leave my dinner table with my family to have to deal with something that was supposed to be done. After refusing to let me speak with his supervisor, he also informed me that he wither had to cancel the service right now, or call back on 4/4 to cancel myself. He refused to just schedule the cancellation for 4/4, claiming I would get charged for services even though I was within my 30 days money back guarantee. I asked him to just schedule himself a follow up to cancel, but he refused. Which is odd since he apparently had set himself a follow up to call me in the first place. I insisted repeatedly to speak to his supervisor. He finally said okay, then put me on hold for a while, then transferred me to a phone line that rang for 10 minutes straight before I finally hung up.


I then called back and spoke to a friendly rep, who went ahead and scheduled herself a follow up to do the cancellation on 4/4. She was very nice and helpful. Though she still was unable to let me speak with a supervisor.


I have never in my life been so disappointed in a company. It is clear that your sales reps are incentivized to get a yes, even if it is not in the best interests of the customer. Your customer solutions department is not given the abilities to actually remedy the lies told by the sales people. They appear to be incentivized to keep cancelations off of their own numbers so much so that they will just hang up on a customer to avoid it. All I wanted was internet and now I have wasted so much personal and work time that I feel incredibly ripped off by your company. I wish I had just stuck with my original provider. I have not yet taken this to social media or the press, in hopes of giving Comcast the opportunity to remedy my situation as well as fixing your practices going forward. Please help me to get this situation remedied. Please help me to feel like I was not blatantly lied to repeatedly by Comcast, just so a few reps could boost their numbers. All I am asking is for Comcast to meet your promise or at the very least compensate me for the time I have lost trying to get your company to help me.  Otherwise, my next steps will be to take my detailed account of working with Comcast to social media and the press if possible.