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Reoccurring Rental Charge on Owned Data Modem

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Reoccurring Rental Charge on Owned Data Modem

When I signed up for Xfinity over three years ago, I purchased all my equipment. I used a Shark data modem from Costco. When that failed in April 2017, I bought and used a NetGear CM400. This has worked well for the last year and there have been no changes to my equipment. Yet recently a Data Modem charge has appeared on my billing statement. At no point prior to the last few months was there any rental change on any of my bills over the previous three years. I have been unable to find on the website any information on what this supposedly outstanding device actually is. My cable box and Netgear are the only devices that show up on the XFinity page.


If I'm charitable, what might have happened is that I moved to a new address and the previous occupant (who did not leave any equipment for me) may have kept their rented equipment. This billing charge did appear roughly in the same time period that I transferred my service. However, at no point did I receive any owned Comcast equipment or agree to rental charges.


Last month I called Comcast Support about this fee. After a long conversation, I was assured that the charge was removed and I was credited the $10 fee. To my surprise, my subsequent bill showed the $10 credit and the now $11 monthly rental fee. When I called Comcast Support earlier in the week, the Representative told me that he tried twice and was unable to remove the charge. He told me that I would have to go into my local store in person to remove the charge. That is a ridiculous waste of my time (after two long support calls already) to remove a billing mistake. However, it seems to be an issue that pops up frequently and is solved on these forums. Please remove this charge and credit my account for the incorrectly applied past fees. Thank you.

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Re: Reoccurring Rental Charge on Owned Data Modem

Still no response? If I have to go in person to get this fixed, I will be very disposed to just cancelling my xfinity service entirely.

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Re: Reoccurring Rental Charge on Owned Data Modem

Since I received no response from the support services here, I finally just went in person. After spending time out of a workday to deal with this issue in person, the local Xfinity store personnel dealt with the issue quickly and efficiently. It is clear that the rental charge was incorrectly added to my account when the service was activated at my new address. That such a charge could be added without my approval seems questionable, common and potentially fraudulent.


Nothing about this experience looks good for XFinity. If the charge reappears in subsequent bills I will definitely be cancelling my account.


Re: Reoccurring Rental Charge on Owned Data Modem



They do this to a lot of people, myself included. I didn't get any correction until they escalated my complaint to a Comcast corporate person. The phone people never do anything but temporary 1 month changes, or nothing at all.


Comcast just throws the modem rental charge on hoping nobody who bought their own modems notices it. I honestly don't know why they haven't been class-actioned sued yet.


It took me like 4 months to fix it on my end - that was a couple years ago. They eventually credited my account and fixed it, but you have to complain regularly to build up a complaint history. But it wasn't until a Comcast corporate person got involved. They tier all the complaints - you're probably at Tier 1 right now - aka, they'll just get to you whenever and no really bother fixing it.


Once you get escalated to Tier 2 or 3, someone who can actually fix your account will help. (I don't know their exact system, but it sounds like the same at every service company.)


This has been my experience with Comcast over the years. May not be 100% accurate, but that's how it looks like it's set up.


Threatening to cancel is usually what gets their attention.


It's awful they way they just shuffle all complaints and concerns off to the side. I don't understand why they can't just help people right-off.


Good luck!



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Re: Reoccurring Rental Charge on Owned Data Modem

no comcast employee helping this guy? expecting my new post won't get help either now(got the same problem).