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Release of Personal Information and Incorrect Billing

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Release of Personal Information and Incorrect Billing

When I last posted on DSL, some lady called me and tried to debate whether or not Comcast's local Anderson, IN office released my personal information to a registered sex offender, thereby sending him to my home, where I have small children.
Well, guess what? I have HIS personal information now, thanks to Rep LD3.
According to the pink slip she gave me for the THIRD return of equipment because the Rep did not correctly put the equipment in my name.
On my little pink sheet is: This man's name and address and the account number listed on this pink sheet is MINE, with him listed on MY account number.
My billing is still over $276 even though I disconnected Cable TV and got a promo package of $39.99 plus tax, from Martin on 6/24/12.
On this bill dated 7/14/12 is a $30 Tech Visit fee (No tech came to my home), and $40 in install charges for services I already had.
The paper bill reads that I have to pay $206.34 immediately or be disconnected, and the on line bill says I owe $160 and some change, and still subject to immediate disconnect.
And, while the lady who called can deny, deny, deny all she wants, I have in my hot little hands a pink sheet with proof that the Anderson office did, and does, give out customer's addresses to other people. The employee ID is LD3 and is dated 5/21/12.
Now that I have the sex offender's new address, I can find out whether or not he lives near children, a park or school or daycare where children congregate and if so, call Madison County Probation department and have "the man" violated and returned to jail.
I can also ask his neighbors if they know he is a registered sex offender, and let them know that Comcast gave him MY information and then turned around and gave me HIS information.
At least I have actual proof now that personal information is given out by Comcast employee's and why is his name on MY account number, as it shows on the pink receipt?
Am I being billed for his service? This would explain all the billing errors on my account.
Not only that, I was erroneously charged $120.00 in invalid tech visits, and they only credited $112.00. I was not charged $112.00, I was charged $120.00.
I was given some lame excuse as to why the full erroneous charge was not credited back and I don't accept it.
I will be forwarding all of this information to the Indiana Attorney General, the BBB, and the Federal Trade Commission, since I now have written proof that personal information is released and that this man's name is on MY account. I just received another disconnect notice, stating that my cable tv will also be disconnected, as well as internet and phone. I DON'T HAVE COMCAST TV-I HAVE DIRECTTV. The man listed on my account number has comcast tv. Won't he be shocked when both of us are disconnected, because Comcast added him to my account, explaining all of the incorrect billing charges!
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Re: Please!! Comcast start charging us what we view not what you provide!!

I too am being ripped off-I downgraded my services so that I could afford them. I spoke with an actual individual in our local office and not only did they charge me for speaking with a live person, Comcast upped my bill by $70.00!!! When I was at the local office, my bill was supposed to be $117 and some change, instead of $141-I got my bill and it is $180 dollars-Can anybody say mass exodus to U-Verse?

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Re: Release of Personal Information and Incorrect Billing

Though it’s not clear this is primarily a customer to customer forum

To get help, you can drop a note to Comcast corporate customer service (

For the quickest response, please include:
Your full name;
Service address;
Phone number & an alternate number if possible;
Account number;
A link to your post


Your post is difficult to understand someone how you have a sex offender on your account and your bill is messed up and he might be by a school.  I think thats what your trying to say.  Anyway here is the national sex offender data base you can look up anyone you like.

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Official Complaint

9. DID YOU SIGN ANY WRITTEN AGREEMENT? IF YES, PLEASE ATTACH A COPY OF THE AGREEMENT. Yes No I telephoned the firm I went to the firm’s place of business I responded to a TV/radio ad I received a telephone call from the firm A person came to my home I responded to an offer on the Internet I received information by e-mail I responded to a printed advertisement I received information in the mail Other ______________________________________ To prevent delay, please be sure to complete both sides of this form in full. Please print clearly or type. DO NOT include your Social Security Number on this form or in any accompanying documents. 4. WHERE DID THE TRANSACTION/INCIDENT YOU ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT TAKE PLACE? (Check box when applicable) At the firm’s place of business By Mail My home By Internet/e-mail Away from the firm’s place of business (work, convention, etc.) By telephone Other __________________________________________ 5. WHAT WAS THE VERY FIRST CONTACT BETWEEN YOU AND THE FIRM? 7. WHAT WAS THE TRANSACTION FOR? My business My family/household My farm 6. DO YOU CONSENT TO DISCLOSING THE FOLLOWING TO THE PUBLIC? The nature and status of your complaint and the name of the firm? Yes No Your name? Yes No Your phone number? Yes No 8. HOW DID YOU PAY? Cash Credit Card Medicaid Private Insurance Check Installment Loan Medicare Other ___________________________ Ind Prac OA: Inv. Sec File # PL MO NL NJ -CPFor Office Use Only: 3. WHEN DID TRANSACTION/INCIDENT OCCUR? Date Time AM PM CONSUMER COMPLAINT FORM Office of the Indiana Attorney General 1. YOUR INFORMATION Mr. Mrs. Miss Ms. Dr. Name __________________________________________ Address ________________________________________ City ___________________________ State __________ ZIP ______________________ County _______________ Age Phone ______________________________________ Day Are you or your spouse active military? Yes No E-mail __________________________________________ ( ) 2. WHO IS YOUR COMPLAINT AGAINST? Name/Firm ______________________________________ _____________________________________ Address ________________________________________ ________________________________________ City ___________________________ State __________ ZIP ______________________ County _______________ Phone __________________________________________ E-mail __________________________________________ Person you dealt with ______________________________ ( ) 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ The Consumer Protection Division will send a copy of your complaint to the respondent firm or licensed professional. This office cannot disclose your complaint against a licensed professional to the public unless this office files a disciplinary action against the licensed professional. This office represents the State of Indiana and is limited in the remedies it can pursue. You may be entitled to compensation or other rights that we cannot pursue for you. In addition to filing this complaint, you may want to consider contacting a private attorney or your local small claims court. MAIL COMPLETED FORMS TO: Attorney General Greg Zoeller Consumer Protection Division Government Center South, 5th floor 302 West Washington Street Indianapolis, IN 46204 PH: 317-232-6330 • FAX: 317-233-4393 I affirm, under the penalties for perjury, that the foregoing representations are true. I consent to the Consumer Protection Division obtaining or releasing any information in furtherance of the disposition of this complaint. I consent to the release of information included in this complaint to other public agencies attempting to discover ongoing fraudulent patterns or practices and for the purpose of law enforcement. I understand that I should not include my Social Security Number in any information submitted to the Consumer Protection Division. If I do provide my Social Security Number, I expressly consent to the disclosure of my Social Security Number in accordance with Indiana Code § 4-1-10-5(2). Your Signature Date When? _______________________________________ Action taken? __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Please attach a copy of all papers involved (order blank, warranty, credit card receipt and statement, invoice, contract or written agreement, advertisement, cancelled check, correspondence and all other related documents). Please print clearly or type. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. Rev. 01-09 11. WITH WHAT OTHER AGENCY HAVE YOU FILED THIS COMPLAINT? When? _______________________________________ Action taken? __________________________________________ 12. HAVE YOU CONTACTED A PRIVATE ATTORNEY? Yes No 13. HAVE YOU STARTED A COURT ACTION? IF YES, PLEASE ATTACH A COPY OF ALL COURT PAPERS. Yes No 14. HAVE YOU BEEN SUED OVER THIS ISSUE? IF YES, PLEASE ATTACH A COPY OF ALL COURT PAPERS. Yes No 17. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR COMPLAINT RESOLVED? 18. CONSENT AND VERIFICATION 16. PLEASE DESCRIBE YOUR COMPLAINT IN DETAIL (ATTACH ADDITIONAL PAGES IF NECESSARY) 10. HAVE YOU COMPLAINED TO THE BUSINESS? (Check box when applicable) Yes No WHAT WILL HAPPEN NOW? WHAT ELSE SHOULD YOU DO? 15. DOLLAR AMOUNT ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR LOSS, IF ANY. $__________

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Re: Release of Personal Information and Incorrect Billing



Be careful !  Even though you (somehow) got someone else's name, address et cetera you coudl easily find yourself in a world of hurt of YOU start divulging it.  How would you like it if the postal carrier delivered your bank statements to someone else and THEY started sharing that info?


I'm not debating the s*x offender bit NOR am I defending the carelessness by Comcast.  Just a heads up .. be careful.



"CUSTOMER SERVICE" means providing
s-e-r-v-i-c-e to the customer, not the other way around.
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Re: Release of Personal Information and Incorrect Billing

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Re: Release of Personal Information and Incorrect Billing

His information is already public, because he is a registered sex offender. That includes his new address...I verified it with my former Criminal Justice teacher, who is also the head of the Probation Department for my city.