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Re: 2 Year Guarantee is a SHAM! - Billing Increases Each Month!

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Re: 2 Year Guarantee is a SHAM! - Billing Increases Each Month!

I had the same problem too. I've been an Xfinity customer for about 6 years . I had originally wanted highspeed internet only(fastest Mbps at that time) and found a deal around $79 per month. When that expired they talked me into a package with HBO and basic Cable with phone for same price. How you might ask? By mailing me a  package I found on my porch one day after work, with a cable box and remote inside! I didn't even want tv or a landline. I prefer commercial free TV like Netflix and Amazon Prime, or Hulu etc and told them so. I also have a cell phone with same number for 10 years. So I finally accepted the new deal of course,set everything up and the first problem i noticed was that even the standard cable shows/channels looked horrible on my HD TV as well as thier HD channels (naturally),so I had to add "HD Tecnology Fee" for an additional $10 per month. Worked great after that but of course!  So, I had many Modem issues after that as well as other issues but to keep a long story short, I stuck with the new contract at around $89. Over time it increased little by little to around $100., I renegotiated my "contract" after several hours on the phone with various employees. They never input your issues into thier customer service database, so I find myself having to re-explain myself every single time I speak with a new representative. I finally got a woman to swear to me that I will not be paying more than $107 per month. As is, I'm already upset about paying $100 and cannot afford more than that per month. So a few months go by and it becomes $111...few more months $117...then $122 . I complain a few times and they say there is nothing they can do about state taxe changes and blah blah. My question to them is, "Then, what is the point of even agreeing to a 'contract' with Comcast in the first place?! Why have a contract if you can change the prices at your convenience?! Please explain to me your definition of the word, 'contract'!" This went in circles for awhile with no resolution. After a few more months it topped out at $127 per month and I've been paying it every month. I called a few months ago and said, "I think my contract should be expiring soon and I'm gonna want to discuss an internet only plan. Please put this info in your data so that I don't have to explain anything again." She had mentioned some "capped internet plans" for around $70 or so that speeds topped off/won't exceed at around 55 Mbps . That's a lot slower than my 100 Mbps speeds but should still do fine with streaming HD programs from Netflix or Hulu,etc. Sounds good to me.I figured they would contact me like they always do in the past to try and offer me some other amazing low price plan or 2 year contract at locked fees,etc. once I was near the end of my contract. So, I pay my past two bills at $127 as usual. I come home yesterday to find the usual Comcast bill in my mailbox. I open it up expexting to see the usual $127. It says $179.08!!! I am livid at this point. I look over the bill and see the "Your New Charges in Detail" at the top page of my bill.  Is THIS how you treat loyal long-time customers?! Really? Oh, to add insult to injury- I requested a new Wifi modem because the last one I had for almost 2 years was no longer working well and I had to reset it often. Instead of sending me a new one, I received somebody else's used Wifi modem that had scratches all over it and still doesn't work as well as the last one did when it was first sent to me in brand new condition. So, now i'm gonna have to spend an hour or more yet once again complaining about this new magical price increase. The only other internet company in my area that I can subscribe to is Century Link. They have DSL only and it costs $200 for initial install since my place is set up for cable/ethernet only. My old phone hardline connections don't even work and need replacing as well as all the wiring. No thanks. Comcast has the monopoly around here for internet. So unfortunately, I'm stuck with them.They are one of the most corrupt companies I've ever dealt with. Is it any wonder why they get so many class action lawsuits against them?!