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Poor upload speed odyssey - a love story

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Poor upload speed odyssey - a love story

I've been fighting with various levels of support about this for some time. I am a twitch streamer. I moved to a bigger place in order to have an entire room dedicated to streaming and running a small podcast. I don't make a living out of it, but I do make enough off of it to continue doing it as a supplementary income (it is nearing 2nd job levels of income). I could have moved someplace where fiber (not through comcast) was available in my city, and it's looking like I should've done that. I thought, very mistakenly that comcast would be able to provide me with the upload speed I need, and consequently I could save a little money. This isn't even the record of all the contact I've had with comcast on this issue, which I have, but heres a basic breakdown of what I've been through so far:


The comcast box comes in the mail. I'm excited. I break it out and plug it in. I'm blown away by my download speeds. More than I'm paying for. Wonderful. To give you an idea, I'm an Extreme 150 customer. I'm also an IT guy by trade, so in replying to me you can dispense with any layman's terms. I can send you all the traceroutes and whatever else in the world you need.


The upload speed however, is abysmal. Even from the comcast website where it should be padded at least a little, I am getting 2mpbs, sometimes less. The advertised speed is 20, and I know I'll never get near that. If I can get just HALF of it, consistently, I can do what I need to do. I also get random drops of my connection completely. A powercycle usually resolves them though, although I did have to call another time to get it working at all.


I call in that night. I speak with a tech that runs me through all the basic troubleshooting. No dice. Says he wants to schedule a tech, but his "system" is down. Says he will call me back and we can discuss times. Never does. I get a random email a few days later for an appointment I cannot possibly make. I work a regular job. I call in and reschedule it. The guy I speak to is having the same problem with his "system" and can't tell me any times either, but that he'll take personal ownership of this issue and call me back to discuss times. Never does. However, he did manage to follow my instruction for making it on a Saturday, a day I can make. Good on em.


Saturday rolls around, the tech walks in my house, walks to my modem, looks at it, and states "the lights are on". Dumbfounded, I say " I know" but heres the problem, and point to the speedtests I have already pulled up on my monitor in anticipation of his arrival. He then, looks me dead in the eye, in one of the single worst customer service interactions I have ever had, and says "I can't do anything about that". He didn't test a line. He didn't even powercycle my modem, not even the most basic of troubleshooting. I tell him I want new line from the drop to my modem, and to try to swap out the modem (its been doing some other funny stuff that might be another thread, which is why I want to switch it out). He tells me he can't do that, but he CAN make it happen. Finally some progress right? Wrong. He goes out to his truck, calls his dispatch, and comes back 5 minutes later and hands me his phone. Dispatch schedules me a rewire for another week out.


A week passes. I wait all day for someone to come. I am playing fortnite all day, listening for the door (or even a truck pulling round the side of my building, which I can see and hear from where I am playing). Noone ever comes. I have the Xfinity app. I am watching my email and phone. I never get a call, an email, or a buzz from my phone letting me know a tech has arrived. 


An hour after the appointment window has ended, I call in. I talk to a very nice lady who tells me that they claim to have done some stuff outside, and claim to have knocked on my door, and I wasn't there so they left a door tag. While I am on the call I got outside. No door tag. Again a comcast rep claims to "take ownership" of my issue. She tells me she needs to email dispatch and find out what actually happened, and says this will take 24-72 hours to complete, but she will call me back.


It has now been 48 hours, and given Comcasts track record of calling me back (never), I sincerely have my doubts about recieving any information. So seeking help here.


I've included a screen of my signal levels, and while cable isn't my specialty I know enough to know they aren't perfect, but arent THAT bad. Modem is a Cisco DPC3941T. I am not using a router and I am directly connected to the modem via ethernet cable. There are no splitters on the line in my house. I've disabled both windows and modem firewalls (for the purposes of testing speed) I've cleared my TCP/IP stack, winsocks, and reinstalled network drivers. Ping to the modem shows 1ms. I've also included a screen of twitchtester, a utility used by many broadcasters to show connectivity to twitch ingest servers. This showcases my horrible speed to virtually everywhere in the US.


Irony. At this point in writing this post my internet has gone down. Again. I can't even post this. 3 Powercycles later, I am back. Someone please help. The faster the better. I am losing money, followers and subs the longer I go and I can only explain this away on social media for so long.


sigs32.PNGHere we can see wild signal levels in their natural habitat.feelsbadman.PNGFeelsBadMan :gun