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Poor Service Repairs, Credits, Responses and Customer Service Assistance

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Poor Service Repairs, Credits, Responses and Customer Service Assistance

Mr. Xxxxxx:

Our bill is due on the 23rd of January, and I'll simply be blunt.  We won't be paying this bill until someone fixes our ongoing Internet issues and Cable TV disruptions.
This is EXACTLY the reason why, when we first spoke after I provided you with the 240+ dates of service outages we endured since starting service here in 2015, I demanded a FULL refund for every day we went without service, even if it was in the form of service credit ($1800+).  Instead, we got a little over $500 toward our bill, a combined "equipment rental package" which, as I told you when we spoke, I would be adding back the (2) TV's we originally removed from our plan because of the poor service and expense of renting the equipment.  I was under the impression that since the "equipment package" had never even been OFFERED to us over the 28 months we had service here, it would include ALL the devices we "rent" at the discounted $20 price for the (24) months we agreed to.  Now, I'm being billed for the (2) new TV's, because I was told they don't make an "equipment package big enough" to cover all of our devices.
I was also expecting that the $200 Loyalty Credit you originally applied was for our actual LOYALTY...NOT to pay for the 4 months of free 1-Gig Internet Service.  Loyalty Credits are great...if they are actually for my LOYALTY and not used to disguise my "Free 4 months of Internet Service".  I expected to see NO bill for the 1-Gig Service for (4) months.
And as far as the "Technical experts" who have come out 5-6+ times, NOBODY except for a gentleman named Bill, seems to know WHAT is wrong.  The first tech and supervisor came out, said EVERYTHING was installed incorrectly, replaced wires, boxes, outside wiring, and indoor cable access points.  Three days later the problems returned.
They came back out, checked a few things, and said everything was fine.  After a few return visits, "Bill" and another Install Expert came out, and found several interior connections poorly installed or incorrectly installed/damaged, as well as installation issues outside.  They corrected them all, and things seemed to work fine...for a week.
They have come back at least (4) times, and cannot determine the Internet or Cable issues.  They have, however, advised me on every occasion that in order to experience the advantages of the 1-Gig service throughout the entire home, we need an "Orbi" System (with at least 3 units placed throughout the house), or during their last visit...they recommended some "Xfi-Dot" equipment that comes with (3) dots per package (I would need (2) packages).  However, they advised me that these "Dots" are only available to Comcast employees and not customers.  And in EITHER case (Orbi or Dot), it would be at MY EXPENSE.  So essentially, I'm being told that in order to USE the 1-Gig Internet Service to it's fullest potential throughout my ENTIRE home (as I would expect to be able to use it), I am expected to pay for the service, modem, AND BUY the Orbi 55 or (2) sets of "Dots", which would cost $400-$500.
They also told me that my neighbors with WiFi services could be "interfering" with our Internet quality because their were so many of them.  So now I'm supposed to install a firewall as well just to enjoy the advantages of MY own high-speed Internet?
After multiple calls about service and complaints about my bill and my emails to you regarding ongoing Internet and cable service issues (not to mention their is only (1) usable phone line of the (5) in the house and they can't figure out why)...I received a call which came approximately 10-12 days ago from a gentleman (name forgotten) who identified himself as a Supervisor or Manager of Installation and Tech/Internet issues.  He said my issue was escalated to him by either you or the the techs who kept coming out (not sure who).  He asked me about the problems, said he was currently looking at computer analysis of my service and saw several "anomalies" indicating that there was definitely an issue.  He called on a Monday, and told me he would monitor my service for a few days, look for issues, and would "absolutely call me back on Wednesday between 2pm and 3pm" to discuss what he found and get someone out to finally repair these issues.  I sat home all day that Wednesday (and Thursday) and never received a call.  The one thing he DID say during our conversation was that this should not be happening, our house was not SO LARGE as to be having these issues, and that I "shouldn't be paying for services that I can't use" or don't work properly.  He also provided one additional piece of information.  He said that he saw 3-4 "Modem/Internet" resets over the prior week, which he said were not done by the "system" but from the modem.  The problem is, they occurred between 1AM-3AM in the morning, and the modem is located in my son's room.  My son was out of town on (2) of the days, at a movie on another day, and sick with the flu running a 104-Degree fever and unconscious from medication on another occasion.  So clearly, SOMETHING is wrong.
As of today, I have still not heard back from the man who called and was the "expert" when it came to these issues, and who was supposed to either come here or send someone out to finally correct the repairs.
Two days ago my daughter was working on a 4-hour long online homework project that was required to be submitted that night.  She was finishing the proof work while logged into the Blackboard web site and clicked "Submit" to send the project from the web site to her teacher.  The sending signal spun for several minutes, then popped up a "no internet connection" message.  She came and told me, and we waited about ten minutes, until we were suddenly able to log back into the Internet.  She logged into the web site to verify her project had been submitted, and the entire thing was gone.  Once she clicked "submit" to send the project, the internet went out and she lost all of her work.  She cried for an hour, and then stayed up until 3AM to redo the ENTIRE PROJECT, which she had worked on for (3) days.went over it or got billed for it.  The tech I spoke with said it is likely related to the Internet issues, since we have NO MORE people or devices then we've ever had in the household before.
Oh yeah...I also forgot.  We keep getting billed for "Data Over Usage".  $30.00 this time.  I know we discussed this, but before we had the 1-Gig Service, not only did I not KNOW we had a "data limit", we NEVER went over it before.
Mr. Glazer, I can appreciate that you are not here, you do not see or experience the issues we are having, and probably consider my concerns more "bothersome" than urgent in nature.  But as I said when I first began the complaint process; we've been Comcast customers here in Fishers (2 different accounts since we moved here in 2014), and for (10) years back in Northwest Indiana.  That's a total of more than $32,000.00  we have paid to Comcast over the years. Could I accept a glitch or outage a few times a year due to an accident, required maintenance, or very severe weather?  Of course.  Much like a power outage caused by a transformer that is knocked out in a car accident or by a lightening strike, or when a construction company unknowingly cuts a power or gas line.  But these issues are CONTINUOUS, ONGOING, and make it nearly impossible for our household to function properly.
**Do we HAVE to have working land-line phone service (which Comcast forces us to have in order to get a discounted TV/Internet package)?  No; in fact, we only use it to send faxes when required (and honestly, that's not too often any more) - but we PAY for it so all the wall jacks in the house SHOULD work!!
**Do we HAVE to have functioning Cable TV?  No; Roku, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and dozens of other services are practically free, and we could very likely be quite happy with just those options (but sometimes it's nice to get LOCAL shows and network TV LIVE, so we keep it).
**Do we HAVE to have RELIABLE INTERNET SERVICE??  The answer is, unfortunately...YES!  The simple fact is that at this time, regardless of who you are or where you live or work in this country, Internet service is without question a MUST HAVE.  For work, for communicating with others, for accessing your medical records, paying bills, shopping, and millions of other daily activities, most people NEED Internet service.  In our case, particularly...due to my wife's severe medical condition, my current unemployed status, and most importantly MY CHILDREN'S EDUCATIONAL NEEDS - we NEED as close to 100% Reliability from our Internet Service Provider as we can get.  And we're lucky to be getting 50%, limited access throughout the house, and constant interruptions of Internet and Cable Services (which of course affect our access to Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, etc.), and 4 different 
Technical/Installation Experts who can't get it it to work properly, and suggest I invest MY MONEY into devices to improve what is supposed to be the "Fastest, most reliable" Internet Service available.
AND THE BILLING DEPARTMENT can't get my credits right, bills me for using "too much data", and tells me they'll have to "cut off" my service if I don't make a payment by the 23rd.
I've been typing now for quite some time, and I think (and hope) I've made my position clear.  I don't feel the resolution you originally offered was equitable based on our prior service issues and ongoing problems with Internet and Cable Services.  I don't feel that we should keep paying for equipment and services that are unreliable and which NOBODY seems to be able to fix.  And I definitely don't feel I should PAY for additional "equipment" from outside sources to "support or improve" the services I have already subscribed to with Comcast.
I'll allow you some time to look this over, as it is getting late and I really don't want to discuss this any further tonight, mostly because I am very, VERY upset.  I will NOT pay ANY bill until someone with the right knowledge and expertise comes here and corrects EVERY issue and it all works WITHOUT FAIL (except in cases of mass outages or issues beyond Comcast's control), for at least 30 consecutive days.  If you can arrange that (or if you have to bump this up the ladder to your own Manager or Supervisor to get it done), at that point I would be very happy to discuss with you once again the proper credits, charges, equipment fees, etc.  Until that time, whether you have to issue full billing credits to my account to cover what will be due on January 23rd to prevent interruption of our services (from then until we have actually experienced (30) days of reliable, consistent service); or whether you simply put the billing "On Hold" to keep our services active until they can be repaired properly;  that's what I need to see done in order to keep our loyal business with Comcast for another 13 years, or to prove once and for all that Comcast has neither the reliability or integrity we had been lead to expect.
Please get back to me tomorrow after going over the enclosed issues, and let me know how Comcast intends to proceed.  My family and I are beyond frustrated at this point, and can only hope your "technical/installation" experts can correct the issues and that yourself and the billing department can then address a reasonable resolution to any credits, incorrect charges, billing errors or service pricing moving forward.
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Re: Poor Service Repairs, Credits, Responses and Customer Service Assistance

ppardus, thanks for posting. I'd like to look at your service and billing issues one by one. Please send me a private message with your full name, account number and address for additional help.