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My First Week with comcast --LIES and No Service, Do Not Recommend Comcast to Anyone

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My First Week with comcast --LIES and No Service, Do Not Recommend Comcast to Anyone

Last week I made the mistake of changing my internet & phone service to Comcast. I read online to see what kind of headaches to expect and I saw everything from sales reps blatantly lie, to service is intermittent, to they waste your time and money trying to fix their service and it takes weeks if not months to sort out, and that it's not worth it. I read this, I admit it. Yet I hoped that I would beat the odds --I didn't. When I called up to set up service the sales rep supervisor (not merely a rep, but a sales supervisor) said "Yes" to everything I asked, even when it was contradictory. He and the girl I'd talked to before him kept badgering me with how the $60 plan was better than plain basic service. They clearly just wanted to make a sale. They told me to take a 60Mbps internet plan and that they would make sure the telephone jacks in my apartment were switched over to Comcast since I don't use a cell phone nor wireless phone. They then said it would be a week before a tech could come out to do the install. I knew this all was a VERY bad sign, but to be honest I was so put-out with my old carrier I made the mistake of accepting that, even though I could tell this was a sure-sign that I was doing business with liars and incompetents. Of course when the tech came out he said that they don't touch phone jacks so there was one bald-faced Comcast lie confirmed. Only an hour after "connecting" service I experienced my first outage, for about 60 seconds or so, then within 45 minutes the service went out for about 5 minutes. Then around 6PM, not even 12 hours after installation, the entire service went out completely --no internet and a a result no phone. I waited to see if it would pass --it didn't. This went on for hours! I had absolutely no means to communicate, if there was an emergency, or a loved on in trouble trying to contact me, I was in trouble.

I plugged the box directly into the wall jack and finally got a connection and live chatted to a comcast rep to send a tech out. They said it would be 2 days. Gotta love that prompt Comcast service. Service was intermittent. This was not even my first full day with Comcast, THIS WAS JUST MY FIRST 12 HOURS!

Talked to a Comcast supervisor yesterday named "Crystal," who gave no identifying information. She said how oh-so-sympathetic she was, then told me there was nothing she could do. So that's Comcasts' answer to everything. "We'll send out a tech in a few days." I work early in the mornings until the mid-evenings, it costs me pay to have to call during business hours and having to be at home means I have to miss hours at work. But Comcast could care less.

Well, a tech finally came out this morning. He fiddled with the box, the wall jack and went outside, I suppose to do more non-descript fiddling with the wiring. He of course gave it his own seal of approval and said that ought to be that. He said wait a few minutes for the box to finish connecting and all should be well.

But of course all wasn't well because this is Comcast. I noticed that my signal strength was low --VERY low, only 2 bars max, at least before, when the connection worked, it was 4 bars to all 5, still slow speed but at least proper signal strength. I also perfomed a speed check, and I was only getting 20Mbps. After calling Comcast tech support one rep said the system showed I was on the Perfomance Starter plan so 25 was what I was supposed to be getting. I then asked to talk to a supervisor named "Justin" and he said he didn't know where the tech support rep was getting 25 from because his system said I was suposed to be getting 60. So again, one Comcast rep has no clue what the other is doing. Finally I explained that it doesn't matter what their systems say because Xfitnity's own speedtest website says I'm only getting 20Mbps.

"Justin" says they'll try to get a tech back out soon as possible, hopefully this afternoon. I inform him I work until 7 weekedays so I have to miss work just to be here to help Comcast fix their own broken system. This cost me money to work around Comcast's schedule because they'll be darned if they work around anyone elses. Justin said they'd have a local dispatch person contact me within the next couple hours to tell me who they can send out. You can guess whether or not that happened. Are all Xfinity's supervisors trained to lie? Guess so.

Finally I was forced to call Comcast "Corporate" Customer support and have gotten yet another person who tells me how much they symapthize with my "bad" experience, and you can tell they say this all day long. He says they'll try to get a corporate case officer to work on the problem and I'm scheulded for a tech to come out tomorrow morning. I informed him I never set up an appointment and can't afford to lose any more time from work because of Comcast. He of course was so sympathetic. So he said someone will get back to me, but he has no clue when.



This is my first contact/experience/dealings with Comcast in any shape, form or fashion. I have never done business with Comcast before. I certainly won't be forgetting the lies and incompetence and total failure of this company. I don't know whether I'll be going back to my old carrier after the nightmare this piece of trash company has put me through, but I do know that I don't want to stay with Comcast and will caution anyone considering doing business with them DON'T SIGN UP WITH COMCAST!


By the way, when I came home tonight, the service was out....again. The onlny thing Comcast is consistent about, other than lying. The goof they sent out this morning gave me a cable with rubber ends on it so I couldn't fit it onto the wall plug. And this clown used pliers to put on the plug so I practically stripped the cable getting it off the splitter and off the box itself. I will be contacting the FCC and the Public Service Commission first thing in the morning.

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Re: My First Week with comcast --LIES and No Service, Do Not Recommend Comcast to Anyone

Hi j1607760,  apologies for you experiences with your new services. Has anyone from our corporate team reached out to you?  If you are still needing assistance  Please send me a private message with your account information (your name, address and account number). 


Thank you

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